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UPRTek™ Light Meter & Spectrometer

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Model: MK350S
  • Displays CCT, CRI, LUX and Foot Candles
  • Compare and Checker Modes
  • 4.3" Color Touch Screen
  • Visual Aim & Click Display
  • SD Card Storage with WiFi
  • USB Data Transfer
MSRP: $1579.00 (17% off)
SPECIAL Discount
Model: CV600
Offer ends 9/30/2017
  • Wavelength 380nm-780nm
  • Modify ME Design for Flicker
  • Color Correction Filters Calculator
  • New Bold Color Interface
  • Flexible Adjustment of the Basic list
  • Added Measuring Functions with CRI measurements
Model: MK350-ASK
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • 8GB of additional storage
  • Includes stand mount
Model: MK350D
  • Wavelength: 380nm-780nm
  • Pocket Size Spectrometer
  • LED Flicker Measurement
  • Standalone operating no need for external device
  • Supports MicroSD Card
  • Spectral Diagram and 27 units of different light measurement
ikan FJ-NP100-2500JM - Replacement Battery for CV600 (UPRtek). Click to see the ikan FJ-NP100-2500JM product page.
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Model: FJ-NP100-2500JM
  • Replacement Battery for CV600
  • 3.7V, 2500 mAh, 9.3Wh
  • Compatible with the CV600, MK350S