Production Tools

Production Tools Catalog

  • Follow Focus
    If you are truly ready to take your productions to the next level, then you need precision that only a follow focus can give.
  • Production Slate
    ikan's high quality Production Slates (clap sticks) are manufactured from white acrylic and come with black and yellow sticks. Ideal for whiteboard markers, ikan Production Slates are cost effective production tools that can be useful in virtually any production application.
  • Boom Pole
    The ikan AudioBOOM Cradle Mount is a great solution for reliably holding and firmly positioning your audio boom pole on-set. Designed to fit almost any microphone boom pole, the AudioBOOM Cradle Mount easily secures to most C-Stand knuckles.
  • Slider
    Add the "wow" factor to your next production with the ikan Slider. Easy to assemble, lightweight and versatile, the ikan Slider allows you to easily achieve cinematic motion in a few easy steps.
  • Mounting Systems
    ikan's mounting systems are designed to be versatile, simple, and effective for the budget-conscious video professional. Solve production snags and capture perfect shots by using our mounting systems. They're an asset to any professional's arsenal.
  • Camera Control
    Have control of all of the critical features of the camera at your fingertips. Adjust the iris, focus near and far, power the camera on & off, and access many other features.
  • Wireless Transmitter
    Have the freedom to roam free wirelessly and still be able to transmit video and audio with Full HD. You can get signal even when the receiver it is out of site and transmitting through certain obstacles.