MK350S: Advanced Spectrometer (UPRtek)

Advanced Spectrometer (UPRtek)

Model: MK350S
  • Displays CCT, CRI, LUX and Foot Candles
  • Compare and Checker Modes
  • 4.3" Color Touch Screen
  • Visual Aim & Click Display
  • SD Card Storage with WiFi
  • USB Data Transfer
  • Automatic Continuous Measurements
  • Apps for iPad, Android and PC remote control
  • Customers from Japan, Australia, and Germany; please contact your local UPRtek distributor

The MK350S Advanced Spectrometer by UPRtek provides accurate light spectrum data quickly within a customizable, user friendly interface. The MK350S allows you to better understand your Agriculture/Horticulture lighting. The PPFD/PAR display screen gives you a quick understanding of your (PPF full spectrum 400-700nm), (PPF-R Red 600-699nm), (PPF-B Blue 400-499), (PPF-G Green 500-599), (PPF-NIR near infer-red 700-780) and (PPF-UV ultraviolet 380-400). The MK350S also measures CCT, Lux, Foot Candles, TM30-15, and Spectrum. One of the unique features of the MK350S is its ability to compare different grow lights and compare the PPFD of both lights. The MK350S is a robust tool that will push your color and brightness management to a new level of accuracy and consistency.



Compare two target LED light fixtures by different segments.
Suitable for QC as tool for counter testing and measureing.
Suitable for Sales as a way of comparing to competing lights.
Suitable for engineering for checking the Lumens and Color of Light fixtures.



Feature Specification
Sensor: CMOS Linear Image Sensor
Wavelength Range: 380 ~ 780 nm
Wavelength Data Increment: 1 nm
Wavelength Reproducibility: ± 1 nm (See fig. 2)
Measurement Range: 1 ~ 100,000 LUX
Illuminance Accuracy
Color Accuracy
Color Repeatability
CCT Accuracy
CRI Accuracy @ Ra
Illuminant A @ 2856K at 20000 Lux
± 5%
± 0.0025 in CIE 1931 x,y
± 0.0005 in CIE 1931 x,y
± 2%
± 1.5%
Stray Light: -25 dB max. (See fig. 2)
Integration Time Range: 6 ~ 5,000 ms
Digital Resolution: 16 bits
Capture Function: One time / Continuous
Operation Mode: Standalone Mode / Wifi Mode / USB Mode (MSC Mode + PC connection)
Integration Mode: Auto / Manual
Measuring Modes: 1. Basic Mode
2. Spectrum Mode
3. CRI Mode
4. CIE 1931 Chromacity Mode
5. CIE 1976 Chromacity Mode
6. LUX Image Distrbution Mode
7. Log Mode
8. BIN Chart Mode
9. Quality Control Checker Mode
10. Measurement Comparison Mode
11. Transmit Mode
12. TM-30-15 Mode
13. Data Browser Mode
14. Option Mode
Measuring Capabilities: 1. Illuminance (LUX) / Foot Candle (fc)
2. Correlated Color Temperature (CCT)
3. C.I.E Chromaticity Coordinates
  (1) CIE 1931 x,y Coordinates
  (2) CIE 1976 u',v' Coordinates
  (3) CIE 1931 XYZ Value
4. Δx, Δy, Δu', Δv'
5. Delta uv (Duv)
6. Dominant Wavelength (λd)
7. Excitation Purity
8. BIN ANSI C78.377 or Customized
9. Standard Deviation Color Matchin (SDCM)
10. Color Rendering Index (CRI, Ra) / R1 ~ R15
11. Color Quality Scale (CQS)
12. Gamut Area Index (GAI)
13. Television Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI)
14. TM-30-15 (Rf, Rg, Color Vector Graphic)
15. Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR)
  (1) PPFD(400nm~700nm)
  (2) PPF-UV(380nm~400nm)
  (3) PPF-B (400nm~500nm)
  (4) PPF-G (500nm~600nm)
  (5) PPF-R (600nm~700nm)
(6) PPF-NIR(700nm~780nm)
16. Spectral Power Distribution (SPD)
17. Peak Wavelength (λp)
18. Peak Wavelength Value (λpV)
19. Integration Time (I-Time)
20. Scotopic and Photopic Ration (S/P)
21. Transmittance
Display: 4.3" 800x480 Resistive Touch LCD
Max. Files: ≈ 21000 Files @ 8GB SD Card (Excel + JPG)
Battery Operation Time: ≤ 4 hours / Fully Charged
Power: Adapter; 2500 mAh / 3.7V Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
Data Output Interface: SD Card ( SD2.0, SDHC / up to 32G) / Mini USB Port (UBS 2.0) / WiFi SD Card compatible with iOS and Android
Data Format: Compatible Excel / JPG
Dimensions: 163 x 81 x 26.6 (H x W x D)
Weight (with Battery): 255 g ± 10 g
Operating Temperature Range: 0 ~ 35 °C
Storage Temperature Range: -10 ~ 40° C
Language Selection: English / Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese / Japanese / French / Russian / Spanish / Italian
Camera Resolution: 2M Pixels
Figure 1: Cosine Correction figure 1
Figure 2:   1. Input source music be a stable lights source
  2. Input the 550nm monochromatic light and measure the stray light ratio at 550nm ± 40nm
  3. It cab be connected to mobile phones and tablet computer

The company reserves the right to change product specifications at any time withour prior notice.

Diagonal (inch):4.3" (screen)
Shipping Dimensions:12.25x10x4.5
Shipping Weight:3.8
UPC Code:847983009879

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