PS-312: Mini Insert Slate

Mini Insert Slate

Model: PS-312
  • Fits iLED312-v2 Gel Frame
  • Compact Size at 7.25 x 4.93"

PS-312 Mini Insert Slate

Easily prepare, organize, and label your shots for post-production with the PS-312 insert slate from ikan. It includes full basic industry standard shot labels, and its 7.25” x 4.93” size makes it ideal for portability and convenience. It can fit most front and back pant pockets and into the gel frame of the iLED312. This small yet strong LED light illuminates the entire PS-312, making your shot labels more visible and clear, especially during  shots in areas or times of lowlight.


Dimensions:7.25 x 4.93 ”
Dimensions (Metric):184 x 125 mm
Shipping Weight:1 lb
Weight :1.5 oz

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