IFB576 3-Point Light Kit

ikan IFB576-KIT image_0.
Included Option

Single IFB576 Available
Model: IFB576-KIT
  • 3 x IFB576
  • 3 X HD-STND
  • 1 x Light Bag
  • 1 x Stand Bag
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ikan's IFB576 is an ultra lightweight LED light with 576 dual-color LED bulbs. The light has a touch sensitive digital display on the back that shows color temperature and light intensity setting which can also be controlled by the dimmer knob. A Pro battery plate of Sony V-mount or Anton Bauer comes with the light, attached to the back. The IFB576 comes ready to be mounted on light stands or a light grid with an integrated yoke mount.

    ID 1000


Weight : 25 lbs (11.34 kg)Wattage: 41 watts/ 44 watts/ 82 watts
Color Temperature: 3200k (±200K)/ 4000k (±200K)/ 5600k (±200K)Foot Candles : 323.9/ 409.0/ 587.2

Essential Accessories
Model: PWRGP-1
  • Saves 4-Pin Connector and DC Power Input from Damage
  • Quick Setup
  • Snaps On and Off
  • Easily Attach Power Supply
Replacement Parts

Power Supply for the ID500/IB500