TT-0516: Offset Shoulder Pad (Tilta)

Offset Shoulder Pad (Tilta)

Model: TT-0516
  • Lightweight Aluminum Construction
  • Fits most 15mm Camera Base Plates
  • Completely Adjustable
  • Rear 15mm Rail Mount for Accessories

ikan's Tilta Offset Shoulder Pad offers a great solution for those extended hours of shooting with your rig. This piece allows you to conveniently turn any rig with a 15mm rod system into a shoulder mount. Easily adjust the joints to set the position of the shoulder pad as desired and in addition, a 15mm rod adapter piece is included on top of the shoulder mount, which allows you to attach accessories such as counterweights or a battery plate.





TT-0516 Offset Shoulder Pad (Tilta)


15mm Rod Adaptor
Shoulder Pad

Dimensions:12.5 x 6 x 2 "
Dimensions (Metric):317 x 152 x 50.8 mm
Shipping Weight:1.8 lbs
Weight :1.2 lbs
Weight (Metric):0.54 kg

TILTA Handheld Review
by 522 Productions

"You will notice a huge improvement in your handheld shots as well as being more comfortable for longer periods of time."

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