IFB576  |  IFB576 Featherweight Bi-color LED Light

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Included Option

IFB576 Kit Available
Model: IFB576
  • Ultra-light, Compact, Dual-color Light
  • LCD touch-screen controller with Dimmer Knobs
  • Includes Pro Battery plate for Sony V-mount or Anton Bauer
  • Yoke Mount, Barn Doors with Removable Intensifiers, and Diffuser
Color Temperature
  • 3200k (±200K)/ 4000k (±200K)/ 5600k (±200K)
  • 3' / 6318 lux / 4000K (±100K)


IFB576: Featherweight Dual-Color LED Light

The ikan IFB576 is the dual-color brother of our popular IFD576 LED light. As a dual-color LED light, the IFB576 lets you change color temperature between 3200k and 5600k, giving you total light control both indoors and outdoors. From cool white daylight to warm white tungsten, the IFB576 allows you to easily adjust to any color so you can quickly and easily adapt to all types of shooting conditions without the hassle of messing around with color gel packs.

The IFB576 features a remote control and a touch-screen LCD controller that makes it easy to read and adjust settings with precision, so you can get create the perfect environment for your shooting without the guesswork of turning knobs. Of course, if you prefer traditional controls, the IFB576 also has large rotary knobs for dimming and color temperature.

The compact, featherweight LED light you can take anywhere

At just 5 pounds and with its compact design, you can take ikan’s IFB576 with you anywhere you need to shoot. Photographers, filmmakers, and other creative professionals love how easy this light is to set up. It comes ready to be mounted on light stands or a light grid with an integrated yoke mount, making it perfect for just about any shooting environment, from a small, cramped studio to location shooting.


Power wherever you need it

Because the IFB576 is an LED light, it draws less power than traditional lights, giving you an energy-efficient lighting solution. And with the included pro battery plate for Sony V-mount or Anton Bauer for portable power, you won’t have to worry about finding outlets or firing up a generator,  when you’re shooting on location.


Extra features make the IFB576 a great value

Ikan’s IFB576 is among the best values in its class, thanks to its 4-leaf barn doors with removable intensifiers, diffuser, AB-mount or V-mount pro battery plate, IR remote control, and yoke mount.

    ID 1000


AB-Mount Or V-Mount Pro Battery Plate
IFB576 Light
Power Supply
Remote Control

Operating Volts: 12-24VDimensions: 13.5 x 8.5 x 2.75"
Weight : 5 lbs Brightness: 3' / 6318 lux / 4000K (±100K)
Color Temperature: 3200k (±200K)/ 4000k (±200K)/ 5600k (±200K)Shipping Weight: 7 lbs
Dimensions (Metric): 34.29 x 21.59 x 6.98 cmBeam Angle: 60°
Operating Wattage at 120V/60Hz: 41 watts/ 44 watts/ 82 watts Foot Candles : 323.9/ 409.0/ 587.2
Weight (Metric): 2.26 kgShipping Weight (Metric): 3.17 kg

Essential Accessories
Model: C-2KA-KIT
  • Charging 2 batteries at once.
  • Charging power indicators
  • XLR 4-Pin 12V DC output
  • Built-in intelligent management
Model: C-2KS-KIT
  • Charges 2 Batteries Simultaneously
  • LED Power Indicators
  • XLR 4-Pin 12V DC Output
  • Built-in intelligent management
Model: PWRGP-1
  • Saves 4-Pin Connector and DC Power Input from Damage
  • Quick Setup
  • Snaps On and Off
  • Easily Attach Power Supply
Batteries & Power

AB Mount Professional Battery

V Mount Professional Battery

IB-LD160 / 160Wh Professional Battery w/ Display

  • AB-Mount Or V-Mount Pro Battery Plate
  • Diffuser
  • IFB576 Light
  • Power Supply
  • Remote Control
  • Yoke