SHD7: Sunhood for D7 & D7w

Sunhood for D7 & D7w

Model: SHD7
  • Sunhood for D7 and D7w


Shipping Weight:1 lbs

D7w Monitor
by Rick Macomber

"...comes with all the bells and whistles you would want packed into a nice 7 inch 1280x800 HD screen. It has waveform, vector scope, RGP parade, 4 panel view and priority view. Add to that..."

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D7 & D7w
by Ikan at NAB 2013

"Having a hardware waveform like we see here is unbelievable. They're very accurate and they have lots of different choices It's just been a dream. One of the things I highly recommend you use if you need frame accuracy, color accuracy is the D7."

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D7w Monitor
by Full Compass

"...7 inch, IPS panel with 1280x800 resolution. It has various features that you've seen on a lot of our on-camera monitors including red gun, blue gun, green gun, monochrome..."

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ikan Field Monitors
by ECG Productions

"We love it so much that it's hard to imagine shooting without it. At 7" with 1280x800 resolution, the pixel density is a whopping 216 pixels per inch which equates to a super sharp image to ensure accurate focus pulling."

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D7w 7" Monitor

"The 1280800 IPS LCD renders a crisp, color-accurate image with feeds from 480/60i through 1080/60p."

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