IBG-SSD: Soft Carrying Case for SSD Drives

Soft Carrying Case for SSD Drives

Model: IBG-SSD
  • Holds 2 SSD drives
  • Soft padded divider to protect the drives
  • Clear window for labels

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The best way to keep your precious footage safe.  A must-have accessory for anybody with a Blackagic Design Cinema Camera, Hyperdeck, Ninja, Samurai or PIX 240 . It can safely hold two SSD drives while allowing you to label the pouch to keep everything organized.




Dimensions:5.3"L x 3.7"W x 1.4"D
Shipping Weight:1(lbs)
Weight :2.5oz

Accessorized For

Hyper Deck Shuttle Holder and Battery Plate (15mm) (Tilta)