IBK25013: Interview Kit - 3 Piece Dual-Color Light Kit

Interview Kit - 3 Piece Dual-Color Light Kit

Model: IBK25013
  • 5600K/3200K Dual-Color Banks Switchable
  • (2) IB-508 & (1) iLED312 with Stands and Bags
  • Turnkey Kit Solution for the Field or Studio
  • Kit comes Complete with Batteries and Chargers
  • Perfect Diverse Field Interview Kit
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The IB25013 Dual-Color Light Kit is ideal for run and gun situations, with its ability to be battery powered in the field  This portable kit includes two IB508 and one iLED312 lights, both of which offer dual-color flexibility. Whether you need Tungsen or Daylight or somewhere in between, color temperature is controlled by a simple twist of a knob. All of the components (including lights, stands, chargers, AC adapters and batteries) fit in one bag (weighing under 36 lbs), making it easy to get your kit to the shoot.

(2) IB 508:

Brightness: 3ft / 2508 lux / 5600 K

Color Temperature: 3200 K – 5600 K

Operating Volts: 7.4v – 14.8

Dimension: 16.3” x 9.1” x 0.8”

Weight (lbs): 3.1 lbs

(1) iLED 312:

Brightness: 3ft / 722lux / 3200K

Color Temperature: 3200 K - 5600 K

Voltage: 7.4V-14.8V

Dimension (cm): 19 x 11.5 x 3.5

Weight (lbs): 1.2 Lbs with Battery


2 X IB508
3 X Dual Battery Chargers
3 X Light Stands
3 X Power Supply
3 X Stand Adaptors
6 X Sony Batteries
Trekker Bag - Light Kit (IBG-TRK-L )
On-Camera Dual Color LED Light (ILED312)

Shipping Weight:36

Battery Options

Sony L-Series NP-F970 Compatible Battery
Light Mounting Options

Compact Light Stand

Stage Clamp w/16mm Stud

Power Grip