TS01: Tablet Production Slate

Tablet Production Slate

Recommended iPad App
Model: TS01
  • Works with iPad 1, 2, 3, 4 and mini
  • Utilizes most iPad cases including popular brands such as Incase and Targus
  • Integrates with MovieSlate app by PureBlend
  • Loud and crisp clapping sound
  • White acrylic clapboard with engraved lines and titles in black
  • Durable wood clapper with high quality finish
  • Remove your iPad for an easy to use traditional marker board
  • Not recommended for use with Apples magnetic Smart Covers
  • iPad case & strap not included


T-Slate (Tablet Production Slate)

Ikan’s T-Slate appears to be a traditional clapperboard but look closer and you’ll discover that it is the perfect companion for your iPad and MovieSlate app. Not only that but the T-Slate is an essential piece of your production arsenal.

Combine the T-Slate with your iPad and you get the smart features of the MovieSlate app along with the loud sound and motion of a traditional clapper stick. MovieSlate’s built-in clap detection software can detect T-Slate’s external clap stick using a combination of sound and vibration. Setup is extremely simple and you can use it with your favorite iPad cases.

Without your iPad, the T-Slate is still a fully functional marker/clapperboard that has become the timeless symbol and tool of any production.

Easy Installation
(Not recommended for use with Apple Smart Cover or any other magnetic covers)


Dimensions:11.6" x 9.75" x 1"
Material:White acrylic (board) & Wood (clapper)
Shipping Weight:1.0 lbs
Weight :1

Essential Accessories
ikan MovieSlate - MovieSlate (app for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch). Click to see the ikan MovieSlate product page.
MovieSlate (app for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch)
Model: MovieSlate
  • Works with T-Slate, or stand-alone
  • Detects Claps from the T-Slate
  • Auto-logs Shots to its own History
  • Generates Reports- without the hassle

by iPad & Clapper

"The T-Slate from ikan is your solution! With a robust industry standard clapper and a strategically placed insert slot that accommodates most iPad or tablet cases, the T-Slate from ikan transforms your iPad or tablet into a reliable and sleek..."

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TS01: iPad T-Slate
by theBLACKandBLUE

"What makes the T-Slate so incredibly slick is not a killer app or case for the iPad, but its versatility in offering the option of "smartening up" your slate with any tablet, be it a Samsung, HP, Android, or Apple iDevice."

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