VX9e-DK: VX9e Deluxe Kit

VX9e Deluxe Kit

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Model: VX9e-DK
  • 8.9" Diagonal Viewing Area
  • HD-SDI,Component, Composite, HDMI and S-Video Connections
  • Hard Carrying Case
  • Includes Battery, Battery Plate and Charger - Peaking & False Color
  • Ultra-Heavy Duty Shoe Mount
Video Inputs
  • HD-SDI
  • HDMI
  • Component
  • Composite
  • S-Video

In the field or in the studio, sometimes just having that flexibility is what we all need! The VX9e Deluxe Kit with the variable power options is the perfect ENG solution! With the Battery, Charger, Articulating Arm all in a convenient and sturdy hard carrying case, ikan has developed the perfect solution for your VX9e storage solution. Utilizing the diverse inputs on the road with the VX9e's HD-SDI, HDMI, composite and component inputs assures you that you can handle whatever you need on your shoots. The DV kit and Pro Battery Kit can be sold separately if you already own a VX9e.

The new VX9e offers competitive features such as:

► False Color - Adjustable Under Luminance & Over Luminance Warning
► Clip Guide - Adjustable Threshold
► Peaking – Full Color & Monochrome
► UnderScan
► Movable Pixel to Pixel
► 5 Custom Color Temperature Presets (9300K/6500K/5600K)
► Guides (4: 3 & 16:9 Framing Safe Area)
► Blue Gun - Monochrome
► Side-by-Side Freeze Frame
► H/V Delay
► Aspect Ratio (FULL / 16: 9 / 4: 3)
► SDI to Analog Component Conversion

Common Software Features

Common Software Features from ikan on Vimeo.

  • False Color

  • Peaking

  • DSLR Scaling

  • Clip Guides

  • Pixel to Pixel

  • Underscan

  • Monitors that contain Common Features: D5 • D7 • VK7i • VX9e • VX7c • VX17e • VH7i • VX9i


    Ikan monitors are equipped with Monochrome Peaking features which highlight the desired focus area in a bright, red outline. The operator adjusts the focus control until the red indicator outlines on the desired area are razor sharp, indicating optimal focus. For the best results, be sure the subject is properly exposed.

    False Color

    The False Color feature utilizes a full spectrum of assigned color indicators, ensuring flawless shot exposure. The under/ over luminance warning enables the video professional to get the quality he/ she desires every time. By adjusting the camera’s Iris, the subject of the image will change color based on specific brightness values indicating optimal exposure.

    Movable pixel to pixel

    The 1:1 pixel-to-pixel mapping allows the video professional to emphasize on individual chosen elements in the shot. This feature is essential for capturing optimum detail.

    Clip Guides

    Ikan offers adjustable upper Clip Guide levels to accurately display overexposed images in any shooting condition. The operator simply assigns the upper IRE to their preference and any exposure over the set IRE limit will flash in a vivid purple, indicating only the over exposed area.

    DSLR Scaling

    The DSLR Scaling function enables users to extend their DSLR camera’s HDMI video output to any option of four: Normal, 3:2, 16:9 or Full Screen – convenience made simple.


    Underscan constrains the size of your image so the monitor shows everything the camera is seeing.



    AC Power Adapter
    DV Battery (IBS970, IBC955, IBPD54)
    DV Battery Charger (ICH 750, ICH 945 Or ICH D54)
    DV Battery Plate (BP2-S, BP2-P Or BP2-C)
    Metal Case
    Ultra-Heavy Duty Shoe Mount (SM201)
    VX9e Monitor

    (VXPBK-A) VX Series Battery Kit/Anton Bauer
    (VXPBK-S) VX Series Battery Kit/Sony

    Contrast Ratio:300:1
    Diagonal (inch):8.9"
    Dimensions:9.125" x 7.0" x 1.625"
    Inputs:HD-SDI, HDMI, Component, Composite, S-Video
    LCD Brightness:180 NIT
    Operating Volts:DC 12-20V
    Power Consumption:3.0 Watt max
    Resolution:1024 x 600
    Shipping Weight:8 lbs
    Supported Video Signals:0 to +50ºC
    Viewing angle:45º/45º (R/L) 15º/35º (U/L)
    Weight :6 lbs

    Monitor Mounts

    Table/Wall/Desktop Stand

    Sunhood for VX9 and VX9e
    DV Chargers

    QuikSwitch Charging System
    Included Option
    Battery Options

    Pro Battery Adapter Kit for Anton Bauer w/ XLR P-Tap

    Pro Battery Adapter Kit for V-Mount w/ XLR P-Tap
    Power Options

    Sony Compatible Battery Charger

    Canon DV900 Compatible Battery Charger

    Canon Compatible Battery

    ikan's Canon "900" Series Style Ultra-High Capacity Battery

    Panasonic Compatible Battery

    ikan's Panasonic "D54" Type Ultra-High Capacity Battery

    Sony "L" Series Compatible Ultra-High Capacity Battery

    Sony L-Series NP-F970 Compatible Battery

    ikan "BP-U" Type Ultra-High Capacity Battery

    ikan "BP-U" Type Ultra-High Capacity Battery

    Canon 900 Series Battery Plate for VX Monitors

    Panasonic D54 Battery Plate for VX Monitors

    Sony L Series Battery Plate for VX Monitors

    Sony BP-U Series Battery Plate for VX Monitors

    Anton/Bauer Power Tap Cable with Coaxial

    Anton/Bauer Power Tap Cable with 4-Pin XLR
    Cables & Adapters

    Single Input/Dual Output Passive HDMI Splitter
    Elements™ Mounts

    Cheese Stick Jr.

    Cheese Stick Sr.
    Teleprompter Power Options

    Gold Mount Pro Power System

    V-Mount Portable Pro Power System

    Gold Mount Compatible Charger

    V-Mount Compatible Charger
    DV Power Adapter Plates

    BP2 Canon E6 DV Battery Plate