PT4100: 20" Through the Glass Teleprompter

PT4100  |  20" Through the Glass Teleprompter

Model: PT4100
  • Camera Lift
  • Quick Release Plate
  • Perfect Center of Balance
  • Designed for Broadcast
  • Picture-In-Picture Functionality
  • PrompterPro 3.0 Software Included
  • PrompterPro 2.0 Mac Compatible (v10.1-v10.5) Software Included
Screen Size
  • 20"
Camera Types
  • Mid-size/Broadcast

Rise to the Occasion

The ikan PT4100 is a through-the-glass teleprompter that is large enough for dedicated studio applications. With a 20 LCD, VGA and DVI connection monitor, the PT4100 offers a large viewing surface along with the same features of the ikan PT4000.

Dont hassle with a teleprompter kit that positions your camera off the mark. With the PT4100s provided camera lift and the simple twist of a wheel, you can lift your camera into a perfect center position for the best through-the-glass application experience possible.

Free Yourself

If your shoot requires you to switch applications quickly, then the PT4100 has you covered. With the twist of a simple knob and a single push of a button, your camera and the quick release plate are free from the PT4100s secure base, providing you with the ability to be as versatile as your shoot requires.

About Face

The issue of performing an image reversal on your source laptop or desktop is history! With the built in feature on the provided 20 LCD HD monitor, ikan has solved the puzzle for you. With the push of a button, a perfectly reflected image will appear through the prompter glass just as your talent requires. In addition, the PT4100 has a very useful picture-in-picture feature which allows on-camera talent to view their appearance and framing on-camera, providing another hassle free solutionfrom ikan.


Camera Lift
The ikan PT4100 comes complete with its own camera lift, giving you total control of your cameras shooting position.

Quick Release Plate
Also included with the PT4100 is ikans quick release plate, giving you the ability to quickly detach your camera for additional handheld shooting.

Velcro Attached Hood
With ikans included velcro attached hood, the PT4100 becomes a realistic on-location option.

Perfect Center of Balance
The reconceptualized PT4100 has provided the user with a perfect center of balance, utilizing your camera positionfor unparalleled control.


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Contrast Ratio:500:1
Diagonal (inch):20" TFT - LCD
Dimensions:17.75 ”x14.5”x2” (monitor)
LCD Brightness:350cd/m2
Operating Volts:DC 12V/4A
Power Consumption:<15W
Resolution:1280 x 960
Screen Size:20"
Shipping Weight:34
Viewing angle:65/65(R/L)
Weight :30 (assembled unit)

Pro Batteries

Gold Mount Professional Battery

V Mount Professional Battery

EI-7902-A Pedestal includes AT7902 Base/Dolly & 7103H Head (E-Image)
Teleprompter Power Options

12 volt 4 amp AC Adapter for Europe

In-Line AC Adapter

12 volt 4 amp AC Adapter for Australia