iLED-ONE-DK  |  iLED-ONE Deluxe Kit

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Included Option

Single iLED-ONE Available
Model: iLED-ONE-DK
  • Small, Lightweight
  • Interchangeable Daylight LED Bulbs
  • Durable Metal Body
Color Temperature
  • 5600 K

Just the One

Need to keep things simple? Then ikans iLED ONE is the on-camera LED light for you. This single, interchangeable bulb LED solution is small, lightweight and durable. Switchable daylight or tungsten LED bulbs and your choice of a flood or spot light configurations gives you absolute versatility and control.

All You Need

ikans iLED ONE Deluxe Kit comes complete with a Daylight 60° and 40° flood bulbs, shoe mount, soft carrying case, in-line power switch, your choice of AC107 battery plate, DV battery, and battery charger.


Also available as accessories, are additional bulbs for your light, with choices of tungsten spot, daylight spot and daylight flood. And if you own the popular ID400 lighting unit from ikan, the ILED ONE uses the same bulbs, for the event shooters maximum convenience!

L.E.D. Bulbs


AC107 Battery Plate
Battery Charger
DV Battery
In-Line Power Switch
Soft Carrying Case

Dimensions: 11" x 8" x 3.75" (Carrying Case)Weight : 1.75
Color Temperature: 5600 KShipping Weight: 2.5
Voltage: Up to 12V


40° Daylight LED Bulb (Spot)

60° LED Bulb

Tungsten 40° LED Bulb

by Gear Jones

"It's a pretty simple design. It's a light weight aluminum capsule that holds an LED/heat sync assembly that plugs into a socket much like a typical MR16 lamp. I really like the interchangeable bulbs. You get the Option of 40 degree spot or 60 degree flood in either daylight or tungsten."

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by Gear Jones

"Pretty clever to be able to swap bulbs not just for color temperature but also for beam angle. The ID-400 comes complete with remote, lighting unit and light stand adapter and one set of tungsten flood bulbs. The bulbs are interchangeable and can be changed easily in the field."

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  • AC107 Battery Plate
  • Battery Charger
  • DV Battery
  • In-Line Power Switch
  • MR16-40-D
  • MR16-60-D
  • Soft Carrying Case