ESR-T01-B: RED DSMC2 Rig with Advanced Tilta I/O Module (Tilta)

RED DSMC2 Rig with Advanced Tilta I/O Module (Tilta)
For RED Weapon, Scarlet-W, Epic-W, and Raven

Included Option
Included Option

Model: ESR-T01-B
  • For RED DSMC2 Cameras (Weapon, Raven, Scarlet-W and Epic-W)
  • Power Distributed From Camera and Battery through Cage Top Handle, Top Plate, and Advanced I/O Module
  • Top Handle has Installed REC Button, Includes ESP-02 Top Handle Power Module
  • Advanced Tilta I/O Module Includes 3 HD-SDI Outputs, an HDMI Output, and Two 3-Pin XLR Inputs for Sound and Video
  • Numerous 3-Pin Fischer and 2-Pin LEMO-Style Power Outputs
  • Pogo Extension Cable, EVF Mount, and LCD Bracket Included
  • Constructed from Lightweight and Durable High-Impact 7075 Aluminum Alloy and Titanium Screws
  • Available with Sony V-Mount and Gold Mount Battery Plates

The ESR-T01 is a custom-fit cage for the RED Digital Stills and Motion Cameras 2 (DSMC2) line of cameras. Each version addresses specific power and signal needs that revolve around the available adaptations and accessories of the DSMC2 line. Each version of the ESR-T01 is made of high-quality 7075 aluminum and includes a top handle with a REC button, a Pogo extension cable, and a 15mm LSW base plate for mounting the camera.

The ESR-T01-B cage is unique in that it comes with the advanced Tilta I/O module, with three HD-SDI outputs and one HDMI output for video signals, a stereo headphone output, two XLR inputs with powered/unpowered switches, and other ports for power and data signals like a USB output, CTRL port, and SNYC port.

Each power output gives a maximum of 3A of power, with the exception of the included top handle power module, which can output 6A between the three outputs. Please consult the Specifications tab for more information on these connections.

Top Handle: Cage Power Pass-Through
Integrated 15mm Rod Mounts
EVF Rod Adapter
REC Button
Top Handle Power Module: 14.8V, Combined 6A Output
(1) 2-Pin Output (3A)
(2) 14.8V 3-Pin Fischer Outputs (3A)
Top Plate: (2) 14.8V 3-Pin Fischer Outputs w/ R/S Trigger (3A)
(1) 14.8V 2-Pin LEMO-Style Outputs (3A)

(1) Genlock BNC Port

(1) Timecode BNC Port

(1) Trigger BNC Port

Switchable DSMC2 LCD Bracket:
Pogo Extension Cable (REL-02): 60cm
Pogo Converter Plate Converts Pogo Connector to 16-Pin LEMO-Style (Female)
Side Arm: Multiple Mounting Points
Advanced Tilta I/O Module (V or Gold Mount): (3) HD-SDI Outputs
(1) HDMI Output
(1) DC Power Input
(1) USB Power Output
(1) CTRL Port
(2) XLR Inputs with Powered/Unpowered Switch
(1) Stereo Headphone Output
(2) 14.8V 3-Pin Fischer Outputs (3A)
(2) 14.8V 2-Pin LEMO-Style Outputs (3A)
15mm Lightweight Base Plate: Compatible with TT-C16
Included Rods: (2) 15mm x 80mm Rods
All Output Voltages are based on use with standard 14.8V Pro Batteries. Voltage may vary slightly based on battery charge, age, temperature, and other factors.

1 X RED DSMC2 15mm EVF Rod Adapter
15mm Lightweight Tilta Studio Baseplate
1x Pogo Connection Converter Plate
2 X 15mm Aluminum Rods - 80mm
2 X RED DSMC2 15mm Top Rod Adapter
Handle Power Connection Module
RED DSMC2 B1 Top Handle
RED DSMC2 B1 Top Plate
RED DSMC2 Cage Side Arm (R-ARM-01)
RED DSMC2 Pogo To Pogo Cable (REL-02)
Switchable DSMC2 LCD Bracket
Tilta RED Advanced I/O Module

Shipping Dimensions:16 x 14 x 6 in.
Shipping Weight:7.6 lb.
UPC Code:ESR-T01-B1: 847983023103
ESR-T01-B1-G: 847983023134

Essential Accessories
Model: TT-C16
  • Dovetail Plate
  • Black Dovetail Plate
Pro Batteries