IBG-1000-V2: Lyra/Rayden/Mylo/Onyx Light Kit Bag (Large)

Lyra/Rayden/Mylo/Onyx Light Kit Bag (Large)

Model: IBG-1000-V2
  • Adjustable, heavy-duty padded shoulder strap and inserts
  • Mesh accessory compartment
  • Sturdy, breathable nylon material
  • Snap-on clip for added security
  • Durable dual zippers
  • Non-Skid rubber feet
  • Compatible with most 1 x 1 light fixtures

The IBG-1000-V2 Light Kit Bag adequately fits up to 3 lights. It also features a mesh pocket for included accessories. However, the adjustable padded inserts can be configured to fit the video professionals needs. Its strong, durable nylon design protects and secures each individual light in the bag keeping them scratch free. This bag is equipped with dual zippers and a snap on strap for added security. Also, the IBG-1000-V2’s non-skid rubber feet provide a stable foundation for the lights. The plastic padded side handles and heavy-duty padded shoulder strap provide multiple transportation options for ones convenience.


Adjustable Shoulder Strap

Ext. Dimension:24 x 20 x 16 in.
Int. Dimension:22 x 19 x 15 in.
Shipping Dimensions:26 x 22 x 12 in.
Shipping Weight:18 lbs
UPC Code:847983023400
Weight :15 lbs

Accessorized For

Lyra Bi-Color 3200K-5600K Soft Panel 1 x 1 Studio & Field LED Light

Lyra Daylight 5600K Soft Panel 1 x 1 Studio & Field LED Light

Rayden Bi-Color 3200K-5600K 1 x 1 Studio & Field LED Light

Rayden Daylight 5600K 1 x 1 Studio & Field LED Light