NIC-44-C4: C4 4"x4" Cinema Filter Holder w/ Integrated CPL (NiSi)

C4 4"x4" Cinema Filter Holder w/ Integrated CPL (NiSi)

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Model: NIC-44-C4
  • Specially designed for 4mm thick Cinema Filters
  • Side clamping holder avoids scratching the filters' shooting surface
  • CNC machined aluminum construction
  • Integrated high quality glass CPL rotates separate of the holder tray
  • Holder tray rotates 360 degrees to get the perfect shot
  • Does not vignette at 16mm on full frame
  • Comes with 82mm,77mm,72mm, and 67mm adapter rings
  • Leather carrying case included

The C4 4x4” Filter Holder from NiSi is the designed for videographers who need to travel light but don’t want to sacrifice quality. The NiSi C4 Filter Holder allows you to use two 4x4” filters in any combination as well as a circular polarizing filter. With the unique rotation wheel design, the CPL filter can be rotated via a cog on the back of the holder. This means you no longer have to use one of your filter trays for a polarizer. It is made from a single block of aviation-grade aluminum and has a matte black frosted finish to minimize reflection. This C4  comes complete with an ultra slim 86mm CPL filter, 4 adapter rings for most popular pro lenses (67mm, 72mm, 77mm, and 82mm), and a leather carrying case.


Shipping Dimensions:2.5 x 5.5 x 6 in.
Shipping Weight:1.1 Lbs
UPC Code:4897045109210

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NiSi Filters at NAB
by Broadcast Beat

"Two of the products I'm most excited about this year are the C4 Holder, and the NiSi night filter."

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