LSGP-005: 18KW HMI PAR Head (Lightstar)

18KW HMI PAR Head (Lightstar)
Includes Barn Doors

Model: LSGP-005
  • Corrosion resistant aluminum alloy light fixture
  • Multiple mirror reflector for smooth focusing spot and flood
  • Easily operate with adjustable focusing knob
  • Barn doors included

The 180000 Watt HMI PAR Head is designed and built for professional photographers, videographers, and cinematographers.

The 5600K Daylight Fresnel light delivers field-tested reliability, solid construction, and all the features required for professional performance.

The LSGP-005 features a spot-to-flood focusing knob.  The 4-leaf barn doors cut and shape the light and can be folded flat for transportation.  The LSGP-005 uses a reflection technique of polygon mirror that combines the benefits of aluminum parabloic reflectors and Fresnel lens.  The light is made of solid aluminum and has an energy-efficient LED with high output and excellent color rendering index (CRI).


Build Material:Aluminum
Color Temperature:5600K
Control:Focus Knob
Fixture Size:42.1 x 34.3 x 32.8 in.
Fixture Weight:143 lbs
IP class:IP23
Lamp Base:18000W 225V G38
Lens:650mm UV
Shipping Dimensions:37 x 33 x 30 in.
Shipping Weight:150 lbs