IBG-MPCH: ikan Memory Pouch

ikan Memory Pouch

  • This small bag can carry a DSLR camera body, as well as several small accessories. The optional Media Card Case, as well as the optional Lens Case, both easily attach with Velcro fastener loops to the sides of the Sling. The Sling is convenient for both urban and outdoor usage and provides a small-form, easy to carry solution for the DSLR shooter on the go.

In the field, the most important accessory besides a good tripod is a durable equipment bag. Every DSLR and pro-video shooter knows that to protect your expensive investment, you need a gear bag that can hold up to the rigors of being out in the field. The ikan line of DSLR and video bags is affordable, protective and well-constructed.


Int. Dimension:3.1 x 0.6 x 4.7 in
Shipping Weight:1