LS-12000PE: 12kW HMI PAR Light Kit With Electronic Ballast (Lightstar)

12kW HMI PAR Light Kit With Electronic Ballast (Lightstar)
Includes 15 Meter Head to Ballast Cable & Barn Doors

Model: LS-12000PE
  • Corrosion resistant aluminum alloy light fixture
  • Easily operated with adjustable focusing knob
  • Electronic Ballast included
  • 7 meter Head to Ballast cable
  • 5 lens set for spot, narrow flood, flood, super flood, & frost
  • Barn doors included

The Lightstar 12kW PAR Light Kit with Electronic Ballast delivers crisp, clear and balanced daylight.  A hot light won’t be an issue as the aluminum alloy chassis provides quick heat release.  It also comes with a five lens set that allows you to focus in any direction to capture the best shot. With its durable coating and industrial connectors, the 15 meter long head to ballast cable enables it to endure the most demanding environments with ease. The electronic ballast can handle flicker free shooting up to 10,000 fps. Best of all, it is much smaller and lighter than the standard magnetic ballast!  Along with the included barn doors, this light is perfect for your day-to-day production needs.


Head Type: HMI PAR12000W
Lens Size: Fresnel 20" lens
Lamp Base: 12000W/160V/G38
Beam Angle: 7 degree to 43 degree
Control/Dimming: 50%-100%
Focusing: Knob Controlled
Build Material: Aluminum
Cooling System: Air Cooled
Yoke: Cast Aluminum w/1 1/8" pin
IP Class: IP23
Fixture Size: 37 x 33 x 30 in.
Fixture Weight: 158 lbs

Power Supply Electronic Ballast 12000/6000W
Input Voltage: 180-250VAC
Electronic Ballast Size: 16.7 x 10.4 x 20.1 in.
Electronic Ballast Weight: 79 lbs

Shipping Dimensions Box 1: 37 x 33 x 30 in.
Shipping Dimensions Box 2: 24 x 15 x 25 in.
Shipping Weight: 240 lbs
UPC Code: 847983020454

1 X 12000W HMI PAR Light
1 X 15 Meter Heavy Duty Head To Ballast Cable
1 X 5 Lens Set
1 X 6000/12000 Watt Electronic Ballast
1 X Barn Door
1 X Gel Holder
1 X Yoke

Lighting Replacement Parts

Head to Ballast Cable 50' (15m) (Lightstar)