FF-T05-V2: Single-Sided 19mm Studio and 15mm LWS Follow Focus Kit for Cine and DSLR Lenses (Tilta)

Single-Sided 19mm Studio and 15mm LWS Follow Focus Kit for Cine and DSLR Lenses (Tilta)

Limited Stock
Model: FF-T05-V2
  • 1.1:1 Ratio
  • Compatible with 15mm and 19mm Systems
  • Includes Focus Knobs Extension
  • Includes a Focus Whip, Lever, Three Marking Discs, three Gears, and five Zip Gears
  • Packed Inside a Hard Case with a Molded Dense Foam Insert

The FF-T05-V2 Single-Sided Follow Focus is designed for 19mm Studio and 15mm Lightweight Support (LWS) camera rigs. The complete kit comes with everything you need. With 3 different gears that are compatible with Cine and DSLR lenses. The single-sided follow focus can easily be adjusted, and comes with 5 zip gears that can be adapted to photography still lenses.

 Follow Focus Kit Specifications:
  Single-Sided Follow Focus Core
  Weight: .74 lbs
  Weight (Metric): 338 g

  Length: 9.8 in.

  Length (Metric):
250 mm

  Focus Knob

  Weight: .64 lb

  Weight (Metric): 288 g

  19mm Studio Rod Adapter

  Weight: .35 lb

  Weight (Metric): 156 g

  15mm LWS Rod Adapter

  Weight: .24 lb

  Weight (Metric): 108 g

  Swing Arm

  Weight: .21 lb

  Weight (Metric): 96 g

  14 in. Focus Whip

  Weight: .25 lb

  Weight (Metric): 112 g

  Length: 14 in.

  Length (Metric): 355 mm

  Focus Lever

  Weight: .13 lb

  Weight (Metric): 60 g

  Marking Disk

  Weight: .07 lb

  Weight (Metric): 60 g

  Quantity: 3

Rod Length

1 X 0.8 Gear, 12mm Face, 43 Teeth
1 X 0.8 Gear, 25mm Face, 38 Teeth
1 X 0.8 Gear, 6mm Face, 64 Teeth
1 X 14 In. Focus Whip
1 X 15mm LWS Rod Adapter
1 X 19mm Studio Rod Adapter
1 X Focus Knob
1 X Focus Lever
1 X Follow Focus Extender
1 X Single-Sided Follow Focus Core
1 X Swing Arm
1 X Travel Hard Case
3 X Marking Disk
5 X Zip Gears

Shipping Dimensions:17.25 x 15.85 x 6.85 in.
Shipping Dimensions (Metric):440 x 405 x 175 mm
Shipping Weight:14 lbs
Shipping Weight (Metric):6.3 kg
UPC Code:847983019533

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