VX9: 8.9" HD-SDI LCD Field Monitor

VX9  |  8.9" HD-SDI LCD Field Monitor

Model: VX9
  • 1024x600 resolution
  • BNC connections for composite, component & HD-SDI
  • HDMI input
  • S-video input
  • HD-SDI to analog component conversion
  • Blue Gun
  • Pixel to Pixel
Video Inputs
  • HD-SDI
  • HDMI
  • Component
  • Composite

Designed With You In Mind
ikan has become the standard of reliable, affordable production tools. As with all our products, we designed our monitors to be the highest quality at a price everyone can afford. The VX series was built with this philosophy in mind. Weve listened to our customers taking note of what they wanted in a production monitor, light weight, high resolution, multiple inputs and of course inexpensive. The new VX series from ikan exemplifies these ideas, and more

Whats in the Box?
Every VX monitor comes complete with your choice of DV Battery Plate, (Sony, Panasonic or Canon), AC Power Supply and a 6 inch monitor arm so you can mount your monitor anywhere.

The Interface
Although its loaded with features and options, ikan made controlling the monitor intuitive and easy. The first thing youll notice about these monitors is all of the controls are front and center and clearly labeled.

Picking the Perfect Monitor
The following chart has been compiled from available information on each of the monitors in the same class. The attempt was made to choose the closest possible competitors models as a convenience for you, the end-user, while making this important choice in equipment for your field production kit

Click image for the full comparison chart

Its All About Connections
All of the monitors of the VX series sport HD-SDI (which also transcodes to component out), HDMI, HD/SD component, composite and S-Video, giving you ability to use the VX9 with any video device in the industry. All of our inputs use professional grade BNC connectors to insure you stay connected.

Youve Got the Power
If youve been shooting video for any length of time, you probably have a variety of different DV batteries. It doesnt make sense to purchase an entire set of new batteries just for your monitor. In todays economy, you need to get the most out of what you already have. The VX series allows you to take advantage of the DV batteries you already have by giving you the choice to use Canon, Panasonic or Sony DV batteries. Just like our other monitors, the VX series can be powered with anything rated 12 to 20 volts. This really opens up the possibilities for you to power these monitors the way you see fit. These batteries are readily available from a multitude of sources, so youll have the freedom add more as you need them.

Professional Power Options
If you need Anton Bauer or Sony V mount power options, ikan has you covered with the PBK-17 professional battery mount system. This simple device mounts directly to back of the VX9 or VX7. Once its mounted, youre in business.


Features Youll Only Find With ikan
ikan didnt just stop with the basics, weve added a few surprises you wont be able to live without.

Moveable Pixel to Pixel
With other monitors, their pixel view limits you to viewing only stationary pixels. If you want to move the image, you are limited to moving within predetermined quadrants, if you want to move out of this quadrant, then you must physically move the camera. With the VX series monitors, you can actually toggle the image left, right, up and down using our controls as you see fit, instead of having to move your camera so you can easily ensure youre getting the shot you desire.

Dont Stop, Keep Going
Your monitor may not be your signals final destination. So weve created a way to convert your HD-SDI signal into analog component in the VX monitor without having to purchase an additional convertor box. This gives you the freedom to output your signal where you want. Your digital SDI signal can be converted in the monitor to analog component.

Standard Features
ikan went to great lengths to create a feature set that was both innovative and functional. The VX Series has all of the features you would expect from a field monitor, and some features you always wanted but never had until now.

With LCDs, it's all about the backlighting. This defines contrast, brightness and other performance metrics.


Regular LCDs
Regular LCD monitors are backlit using a cathode fluorescent lamp. They emit a blanket of light across the screen. A LCD is just a massive screen of tiny doors that open and close to create an image. When trying to show black, these doors close, but the fluorescent back light is so strong it will inevitably leak through the closed doors, resulting in more of a glowy charcoal instead of true black.

Enter the LED
Instead of having one big fluorescent light shining up through all of the LCD pixels, you have arrays of LEDs that shine through smaller portions of the LCD screen, leaving other portions in the dark. The result is a crisp, clear image with true blacks and better contrast, and this is why LED backlighting is standard on all of the VX monitors.

Freeze Frame
This function displays a side by side comparison of the incoming video signal. Each time the F1/2 button is pushed it will freeze the current frame on the right hand side of the display while the left continues to display the live signal.


Get The Right Image With Blue Only Screen
Blue Gun allows you to quickly calibrate your monitor to ensure the image youre seeing on the monitor is exactly the same color that your camera is shooting. It does this by isolating the blue color signal and when displaying a set of standard NTSC color bars, a set pattern will emerge allowing for precise calibration.



AC Power Adapter
DV Battery Plate
Articulating Arm-6 inch (MA206)
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Contrast Ratio:300:1
Diagonal (inch):8.9"
Dimensions:9.125" x 7.0" x 1.625"
Inputs:HD-SDI, HDMI, Component, Composite
LCD Brightness:180 NIT
Operating Volts:DC 12-20V
Power Consumption:8.5 Watt
Resolution:1024 x 600
Shipping Weight:4
Supported Video Signals:0 to +50ºC
Viewing angle:45º/45º (R/L) 15º/35º (U/L)
Weight :1.6lbs