PD-TC-FZ: Dual Channel Controller for PDL-FZ (PD Movie)

Dual Channel Controller for PDL-FZ (PD Movie)

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Model: PD-TC-FZ
  • Compatible with:
    • PDL-FZ
    • PDL-3CH-FIZ
  • Precision control of focus and zoom at your finger tips
  • Auto-calibration of lens' focal length and and zoom range
  • Potentiometer control for focus and toggle control for zoom
  • Can be used to control multiple motors simultaneously
  • 3-Independent speed setting for both zoom and focus
  • Programs to two of six possible channels
  • Adjustable mount attaches to a broad range of handles up to 1" in diameter(width)

Build the perfect follow focus by incorporating the PD-TC-FZ Dual Channel Thumb Control into your PD REMOTE AIR system. The PD-TC-FZ allows you to forgo the cumbersome and clunky controls of most lens controls in favor of a compact and precise thumb control, perfect for both traditional tripod mounting and weight-sensitve gimbal rigs. Just a simple connection of a compatible PD-Movie 6-pin Lemo cable between the PD-TC-FZ and your PD3-M motors and the PD-TC-FZ is ready for use. It's bare-bones, control surface requires mere touches of a singal button per channel to set precision lens calibration and function prefernces, and speed.  A single thumbscrew mount attaches the PD-TC-FZ to practically any round or square tubing less than 1" in diamter.  Each channel of the PD-TC-FZ can be set to 1 of 6 possible signal channels and can simultaeously control multiple motors, a welcome feature for those seeking complex lens adjusting arrangements requiring multiple motors.


Channel:6 Assignable Channels
Connection:6-Pin Lemo (Power and teether)
Mount:1" or less square or round tubing
Shipping Dimensions:2 x 3 x 4 in
Shipping Dimensions (Metric):10.16 x 7.62 x 5.08 cm
Shipping Weight:1 lb.
Shipping Weight (Metric):.45 kg.
UPC Code:847983018024

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