RW10-2PT-KIT: Rayden 1 x 1 Daylight(5600K) 2-Point Panel LED Light Kit w/Gold & V Mount Battery

Rayden 1 x 1 Daylight(5600K) 2-Point Panel LED Light Kit w/Gold & V Mount Battery

Model: RW10-2PT-KIT
  • 95+ CRI LEDs
  • Solid 5600K Color Temperature
  • Bright consistent light
  • Beam Angle of 50 degrees
  • Baby 5/8 inch/Junior 1-1/8 Combo Pin adaptor with right angle receiver hole
  • 30 degree angled yoke for unobstructed movement
  • Stronger steel tension knobs for locking the light into place
  • Single knob control for adjusting brightness
  • New LED Readout screen giving you precise adjustments
  • Gold mount and V-mount battery plates included
  • Included barn doors with intensifiers
  • Watts equivalent to 850 watts incandescent light
  • RF Remote Control
  • HD Stands and Bags included

ikan RW10


Introducing Ikan's new brand of Rayden LED lights! What you can expect from the high CRI 45-degree lenses is extremely bright light! Among its features include a 5600K color temperature, which delivers stunning high color fidelity. With a 50-degree beam angle, you can easily light a large area with one fixture. The Rayden 1 x 1 light is equivalent to a 900-watt incandescent light. Versatility is a key feature of the Rayden LED lights. The 30-degree yoke, baby 5/8" and junior 1 1/8" combo pin allow you to attach and configure the light in different ways. Strong, steel tension knobs on the yoke also lock the light firmly in place when in use. On the back, the large tyellow button/knob allows you to adjust the light's settings with a few simple clicks. The LED readout also provides very precise measurements. This light package includes AB and V-mount pro battery plates as well as Ikan’s reliable barndoors with intensifiers. Best of all, the new Rayden LED lights have a maximum wattage draw of 82 watts at 0.6 amps so you can plug it in just about anywhere!

Consistent Color and Brightness

These high CRI 45-degree LED lenses output a very bright, strong light. The Rayden 1 x 1 soft light delivers a consistent 5600K color temperature. A 50-degree wide beam angle offers plenty of light to illuminate your subject.

Consistent Color and Brightness
Single Knob Control

Single Knob Control

Whether it's brightness, or color you can adjust all of these settings with a single knob at any time. The new LED readout is brighter and provides a quick reference of the light output with precise measurements.

New Yoke Design and Better Components

The 30-degree angled yoke provides unobstructed movement of the light. The new, stronger steel tension knobs securely lock the light in place at any angle.

Industry Standard Combo Pin

The Baby 5/8-inch and Junior 1 1/8-inch combo pin includes a right angle receiver hole that allows you to attach it to any grip stand.

AB Mount and V-Mount Battery Plates

AB Mount and V-Mount Battery Plates

The AB and V-mount battery plates give you the option to use any type of battery. Whether it’s one or multiple lights, the RF remote control allows you to adjust them even from across the room!

AB Mount and V-Mount Battery Plates

Incandescent Watts Equivalency

The Rayden LED light is equivalent to a 900-watt incandescent light, which makes them ideal for interview settings.

Incandescent Watts Equivalency

Barn Doors Included

Ikan's reliable barn doors with intensifiers allow you to shape the light to fit your needs.

Barn Doors Included

RW10 Photometrics


Light Source 1184 0.06 watt LED's
Head Type: Daylight 5600K
Lens: 45 degrees
Beam Angle: 50 degrees
Control/Dimming: Knob Control
Build Material: Heavy Duty Resin Plastic
Cooling System: Passive Cooling
Yoke: Baby 5/8" --Junior 11/8" Combo Pin
Fixture Size: 14 x 14 x 3"
Fixture Weight: 6 lbs

Power Supply Input: 110-220VAC; Output: 15VDC @6.0A
Fixture Power Consumption: 71W; 14-18VDC
*Maximum power draw for Lyra and Rayden series fixtures is 150 watts @120VAC

Shipping Dimensions:

Box 1: 24 x 18 x 18 in

Box 2: 41 x 9 x 9 in

Shipping Dimensions (Metric):

Box 1: 61.0 x 45.7 x 45.7 cm

Box 2: 104.2 x 22.9 x 22.9 cm

Shipping Weight: 45 lbs
Shipping Weight (Metric): 20.4 kg
UPC Code: 847983017621

1 X Light Bag
1 X Stand Bag
2 X 1x1 Light Fixture
2 X Gold Mount Battery Plate
2 X HD Light Stands
2 X Neutral Diffusion Panel
2 X Power Supply W/ Cable
2 X Remote Control
2 X V-Mount Battery Plate
2 X Yoke Mount

Essential Accessories
Limited Stock
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Attaches Quickly for Easy Set-up
  • Compatible with LYRA or RAYDEN series lights
Limited Stock
Model: RAYDEN-10-YK
  • 30 Degree angled yoke for unobstructed movement
  • Standard 5/8-stand receiver
  • Sturdy aluminum construction
  • Compatible with RW10 and RB10
Light Mounting Options

Heavy Duty Light Stand

Saddle Sandbag & Weight Bag - 15 lb

Stage Clamp w/16mm Stud

Power Grip

2 Stage Roller Stand 10 ft 6 in

Safety Wire
Lighting Replacement Parts

Control Knob for Lyra/Rayden Series
UPRTek™ Light Meter & Spectrometer

CV600 Digital LED Light Meter w/ Exposure, Spectrometer & CRI for Photography, Video, Cinema & Film (UPRtek)
Light Bags

Stand Bag
Accessorized For

15V, 6A XLR AC/DC Power Supply Adapter (90W)