A Prompter for Android: Teleprompter App for Android

Teleprompter App for Android

Just Released
Model: A Prompter for Android
  • Fully compatible with the Elite-Remote
  • Intuitive, mirror mode, Ads-free, full screen mode, etc
  • Is able to read plain text files
  • Choose your text file, characters size, scroll speed rate

The first and most downloaded free prompter for Android, ideal for tablet sized devices!

Want to help translate? Connect to http://www.monacodevdroid.com/prompter


Now much more than a prompter: video recording enabled (paid option), so you can train without an expensive camera, and watch the result using any video player.


Intuitive, mirror mode, Ads-free, full screen mode, etc.


Is able to read plain text files (.txt), but you can also edit your text directly in the prompter (Manage text / Edit text), or copy/paste text from any other application.


Remote control (Bluetooth) available. WARNING: It's a paid option, and two devices may be needed. i.e. you might have to buy the Bluetooth option twice (or you might use a bluetooth keyboard, or an Airturn BT105 or BT106 pedals system).
WARNING (bis): If you chose two different screen sized devices, it's obvious that the displayed text won't be the same.


Choose your text file (".txt"), characters size, scroll speed rate, white chars on black background or black on white...



For help and support, please email georges.dick@gmail.com