MOTOR1: Magic Motor for ES Series Slider (E-Image)

Magic Motor for ES Series Slider (E-Image)

Limited Stock
Model: MOTOR1
  • 3 Modes of Operation: Time-lapse, Stop-motion, Trace-record
  • Precision stepless motor
  • Wireless shutter control (Works with most popular cameras)
  • Mobile APP for iOS and Android
  • Operates both horizontally and vertically
  • Wireless control using the Bluetooth networking protocol
  • Runs on either AC power (included) or DC power

ikan MOTOR1 - Magic Motor

MOTOR1 - Magic Motor

The MOTOR1 Magic Motor from E-Image gives the user manual and app-based control over their belt-driven E-Image sliders. Compatible with the ES-70 and ES-120 sliders, this motor assembly mounts in place of the fly wheel and, through the app, gives the user control over standard slider travels, time lapse footage, stop motion shooting, and more.

Time Lapse

Shutter control, travel time, pre-exposure, and after-exposure  intervals can all be set separately. With special programming, the Magic Motor offers an extremely steady shot without the shake.


Easy-to-set frame and exposure time will allow you to position the Magic Motor at a specific location automatically and track your shots when shooting.

App Control

Get started quickly. It's easy and convenient to adjust all configuration parameters.

Trace Record

Create incredible images. AB Record sets a specific distance for a travel, and complicated trace records have a maximum of 5 routes with the optional handheld controller. This system saves traces according to how you set your trace.

Stepless Variable Speed

The Magic Motor offers digital adjustments for speed and directions. It provides outstanding gradual start-up and ease-out functions making your picture look natural.

Motion Control

Great on-location or in studio settings and works according to your trace, AB, and complicated traces.

New Operating Experience

Mobile App control provides an intuitive visual operating interface with convenient and precise digital adjustment of every parameter.

New Operating Experience Android iOS
New Operating Experience
New Operating Experience


New Operating Experience

One Motor - Three Modes

3 modes for shooting scenes according to different payloads.

One Motor - Three Modes

    Focus on Every Detail

  • Focus on Every Detail


    Max speed range: 0.01mm/s - 200mm/s

  • Focus on Every Detail

    Speed and Direction

    Knob provides preview to design your shot.

  • Focus on Every Detail

    Fast Wireless Transmission

    Max remote control distance: 20m

  • Focus on Every Detail

    Wide Voltage

    Current: 3A or more

  • Focus on Every Detail

    Wireless Shutter

    Compatible with popular cameras offering quick action and no delay.

Everything Included

The Motor1 kit comes with all the pieces you need in a hard carrying case with cut-out foam to keep it all safe.


Download the E-IMAGE Motion Control APP
iOS Application Android Application

1x AC Adapter With Power Cord
1x Antenna
1x Connection Plate
1x D-Tap To Coax Cable
1x High-Density Case W/ Custom Foam Insert
1x MP01 Motor
1x Synchronous Belt
1x Synchronous Locking Knob
1x Synchronous Wheel
1x Wireless Shutter
2x Connection Plate Locking Knob
2x Flat Washer (For Motor Locking Knob)
2x Motor Locking Knob
6x Shutter Release Cables (assorted)

Control Channel:2.4 ghz (Bluetooth)
Control Signal:50' (20m)
Dimensions:6.7 x 4.9 x 3.9 in (17 x 12.5 x 10 cm)
Max. Capacity:17 lbs.
Max. Capacity (Metric):8 kgs.
Motor Type:Stepless
Remote Control:Smart Device App
Shipping Dimensions:14.5 x 13.5 x 6.5 in
Shipping Weight:10.57 lbs
Shipping Weight (Metric):4.16 kgs.
UPC Code:847983015580
Weight :.10 lbs
Weight (Metric):.05kg

Essential Accessories
Model: ES-120
  • Hand , Motor, or Crank Operation (motor optional)
  • Adjustable Fly Wheel to Dial in Preferred Resistance
  • Sturdy Light Weight 10 Layer Carbon Fiber
  • Extremely Smooth Sealed-Bearing 12 Wheel Guides
Limited Stock
Model: ES-70
  • Hand , Motor, or Crank Operation (motor optional)
  • Adjustable Fly Wheel to Dial in Preferred Resistance Per Camera
  • Sturdy Light Weight 10 Layer Carbon Fiber
  • Extremely Smooth Sealed-Bearing 12 Wheel Guides
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"Among ikan's large array of products are two very interesting pieces: the Remote Air Pro Wireless Follow Focus and Magic Motor for the ES Slider."

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