RS-F350: Red Star 6" LED Tungsten Fresnel 350 Watt Light

Red Star 6" LED Tungsten Fresnel 350 Watt Light

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Model: RS-F350
  • 6" Fresnel Lens with Spot Flood Focusing Knob
  • Quiet Active Cooling System
  • 512 DMX In and Out,Channel Selectors with Digital Readout
  • Solid Aluminum Construction
  • 4 Way Barn Doors Included(4 Leaf)
  • Local Dimming Knob
  • Integrated Scrim Holder-ARRI Style Open Face Scrims
  • 3200K LED



The Red Star 6" Fresnel 350 Watt Light is designed and built for professional photographers, videographers and cinematographers who want high quality at an affordable price. The 3200K Tungsten Fresnel light delivers field-tested reliability, solid construction, and all the features required for professional performance. The RS-F350's features include a 6" Fresnel lens with a spot to flood focusing knob and a quiet active cooling system that delivers reliable, consistent performance. The RS-F350 Red Star 6" Fresnel 350 Watt Light is made from a solid aluminum construction, and has an energy efficient LED that has a high output with an excellent color rendering index. The Red Star has local built in dimming as well as a digital readout for assigning the light to a DMX channel. The ultra quiet active cooling fan pulls heat from the fixture. The 4 leaf barn doors cut and shape the light and can be folded flat for transportation.

Fresnel Lens

6" Fresnel Lens with Spot to Flood Focusing Knob

Knob that focuses the light from spot to flood.

Quiet Active Cooling System

Ultra quiet cooling fan for pulling heat from the fixture.

Quiet Active Cooling System

512 DMX In and Out, Channel Selectors with Digital Readout

Digital readout for assigning the DMX channel of your choice.

4 Way Barn Doors Included (4 leaf)

Black 4 leaf barn doors for cutting and shaping the light.

Open barn doors Closed barn doors

Local dimming knob

Local dimming for controlling the brightness of the lights.

Local dimming knob



1 X 10ft Power Cable
1 X 350 Watt Light Fixture
1 X Barn Doors
1 X Yoke
2 X Yoke Screws
4 X Yoke Washers

Beam Angle:14-50 degree
Build Material: Aluminum
Control:DMX512 in and out, toggle button DMX control
Cooling System:Active cooling fan
Dimming:Flicker free dimming, onboard dimming knob 100%-0% (minimal color shift)
Fixture Size:14 x 10 x 12"
Fixture Weight:24.5 lbs
Focusing:Rotating Rear Knob
Foot Candles (Flood):5 ft.: 413 fc , 10 ft.: 122 fc , 15 ft.: 61 fc
Foot Candles (Spot):5 ft.: 2178 fc , 10 ft.: 523 fc , 15 ft.: 235 fc
Head Type:Tungsten (3200K)
Lens:6” Glass Fresnel
Light Source:1 - 350 watt Warm LED 3200K
LUX (Flood):1.5m: 4442 lux , 3m: 1309 lux , 4.5m: 657 lux
LUX (Spot):1.5m: 23433 lux , 3m: 5623 lux , 4.5m: 2531 lux
Power Supply:10 ft Power Cable
Rating:AC volts 120Volts AC, 50-60HRZ , 150watts 63-14amps
Shipping Dimensions:20 x 15 x 17"
Shipping Weight:28 lbs
Shipping Weight (Metric):12.70 kg
UPC Code:847983014590
Yoke:Cast Aluminum with 1 1/8” pin

Essential Accessories
Model: WS-BD6
  • 4-Way Barn Doors
  • Cuts and Controls the Light
Model: WS-GF6
  • Helps Control Light Leaks
  • Splits apart for inserting gels
  • Lightweight metal construction
  • Compatible with WS-F200, WS-F200A, RS-F200, WS-F350, WS-F350A, RS-F350
Light Mounting Options

Iron C-Clamp with 1/2 inch attachment bolt

Stage Clamp w/16mm Stud

2 Stage Roller Stand 10 ft 6 in

Safety Wire
UPRTek™ Light Meter & Spectrometer

CV600 Digital LED Light Meter w/ Exposure, Spectrometer & CRI for Photography, Video, Cinema & Film (UPRtek)