PT-ELITE-UL-RC: Elite Large Universal Tablet Teleprompter Kit w/ Elite Remote

PT-ELITE-UL-RC  |  Elite Large Universal Tablet Teleprompter Kit w/ Elite Remote

  • Elite Remote Included
  • Large Universal Tablet Mount Compatible With ALL iPads
  • Includes Industry Standard 15mm Baseplate and 12" Rods
  • High Quality 70/30 Teleprompter Glass
  • Lightweight & Easy Set-Up
  • Elite Remote Compatible with Teleprompter Premium and Teleprompt+ 3 for iPad Only.
  • Software and iPad Not Included

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Looking for an inexpensive way to integrate your tablet into your everyday video production workflow? ikan has the solution. The Large Universal Tablet Teleprompter Kit is a complete out-of-the box solution that turns your tablet into a field ready teleprompter. Based on our popular Elements camera support system, ikan’s Large Universal Tablet Teleprompter Kit is a portable through the glass teleprompter when you need it and a robust 15mm rod based camera support system when you don’t. The large tablet mount accomodates tablets up to 9 x 12 in. so most tablets are covered.This kit inlcludes our popular Elite Remote so you can control our Elite Prompter app on your iPad via Bluetooth making it a true turn key solution.

Elite Remote


ELITE REMOTE features 9 soundless buttons for precise and complete control of your iPad. This includes:


There is also a convenient laser pointer for presentation applications. With industry standard Bluetooth 3.0, you can control your iPad from up to 20 feet away.

Laser Pointer

Connecting to your iPad is quick and seamless.  Just follow these simple steps and you’re on your way.


What's Included


1 X 30/70 Prompter Glass
1 X EV2 Adjustable Camcorder Base (Large)
1 X Glass Frame
1 X HEX Key - 3mm
1 X HEX Key 1/8 In.
1 X Hood
1 X Large Tablet Teleprompter Mount
2 X 4mm X 10mm Socket Head Countersink Screws
2 X D-Rings
Bluetooth Teleprompter Remote for PT-ELITE Prompters (ELITE-REMOTE)

Build Material:Aluminum / Steel / Plastic
Diagonal (inch):Varies Based on Tablet
Dimensions:17.7 x 14.5 x 9 in.
Dimensions (Metric):450 x 368 x 228 mm
Reading Range:Varies Based on Tablet
Shipping Dimensions:6 x 12 x 15 in.
Shipping Dimensions (Metric):152 x 304 x 381 mm
Shipping Weight:8 lbs
Shipping Weight (Metric):3.6 kg
UPC Code:847983014491
Weight :6.6 lbs
Weight (Metric):2.9 kg

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