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The ikan Elements: the truly modular camera support solution

Houston, Texas (February 15, 2010) The ikan Elements line is about your needs as a shooter.  The concept is simple' provide you with the parts you need to configure your camera rig how you want it.  And our design reflects that concept.  Order just the parts you need, or get one of our pre-configured kits.  Either way, the choice is in your hands about how your camera rig turns out.  The ikan Elements line is your affordable, continually expanding camera support solution.


Whether you need a full, pre-configured kit like the 'Superfly' or just a pair of affordable 15mm rails, the Elements line has exactly the right piece for you.  And with new parts coming out of ikan R&D on a regular basis (tripod mounts, follow focus kits and more), your attachment solution is just a mouse click away.


STARTER FLY Kit   $119.00

- base plate, 1 grip bar, 1 handle arm, shoe mount
- perfect for use as a flash bracket


BASIC FLY Kit   $246.00

- base plate, 2 grip bars, 2 handle arms
- simple and easy for handheld use


DELUXE FLY Kit $349.00

- 2 base plates, 2 15mm 6" rods, 15mm Rail Mount, 2 grip bars, 4 handle arms

- rods and a rail mount for additional accessories, such as a follow focus


SUPER FLY Kit $449.00

- 2 base plates, 2 15mm 6" rods, 15mm Rail Mount, 2 grip bars, 4 handle arms

- includes a top mount plate for easy connectivity that saves wear & tear on your camera's cold shoe mount




For Additional Information, please contact:

Clint Milby





3903 Stoney Brook Dr.

Houston, TX 77063

Phone // 713.272.8822

Fax // 713.995.4994