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New Product Announcement: Power Grip

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New Product Announcement



Ikan knows how important it is for commercial and independent shooters to maximize the life of their gear. Currently, LED lights are powered by an AC adapter power brick whose weight pulls against the power connection, bending and warping the connection over time and use. This is ikan's solution for power bricks and messy, tangled light cables.

  Power Grip

Power Grip   $19.99

  • Reduces Wear and Tear
  • Quick Setup
  • Snaps On and Off
  • Easily Attach Power Supply
  • Organizes any Type of Light Cable
  • Lightweight Metal Construction
  • Durable
  • Portable

A dangling power supply damages the 4-pin connector and DC-power input on your lights. It also makes your light stand unstable.

The Power Grip’s holster and strap secures and cradles the power brick, and conveniently organizes your wires. Attach directly to the light stand to add stability. The spring-loaded clamps are easy to snap on and off for quick set-up or take-down, and fit different width light stands. Also, its lightweight metal construction makes it durable without adding extra weight for travel.

Extend the life of your gear, and put an end to loose cables and unstable light stands.


About Us

ikan is an award-winning designer, manufacturer, and distributor geared to provide total solutions for video professionals. We are a constantly evolving and ever-flexible company that prides itself on its value-conscious products.

At ikan, we work closely with our dealers and end-users to ensure creation of quality products that enhance film and video productions. All our product lines are designed with feature-set and price in mind from their inception; from HDMI & HD/SDI camera monitors to our ELEMENTS™ camera support solutions, LED and fluorescent lighting, to our new and improved teleprompter line, productivity software, apparel and set/shooting accessories .

Whether you are in the backyard or in the studio, you can rely on ikan to be by your side. Our unwavering customer support, global reach, knowledge and product variety allow us to keep you in touch with the rapidly growing video technology industry. We believe in providing the globe with an affordable and reliable solution. With each new product, ikan strives to deliver the features you need, at the prices you want.

For more information, give us a call or walk into our corporate headquarters based in Houston, TX. You can also visit our official website (
www.ikancorp.com) for more product information.

Additionally, connect with us via our Social Media Feeds such as the ikan News Blog (ikancorp.wordpress.com), our Facebook community (facebook.com/ikanseeit), our Vimeo channel (vimeo.com/ikancorp) or follow us on Twitter @ikancorp.

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