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New Product Announcement: VL5 & Recoil XT Upgrade Kit

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New Product Announcement


VL5 5" HDMI Monitor

ikan has responded to overwhelming requests from our users with the VL5 5'¯ HDMI monitor. With a stunning resolution of 800 x 480, the VL5 is complemented by a high end feature set including peaking, under scan, switchable aspect ratio & aspect ratio guides, blue gun, RGB adjustability, native 5D live view output and 480i/p, 576i/p, 720p, 1080i/p signal input. Included with the VL5 is a 12v D/C adapter, your choice of Sony, Panasonic or Canon DV battery adapter plate and a sun visor for clarity in the field. VL5 Deluxe Kit also available.

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VL5 Video Link


VL5 HDMI Monitor Features:
- HDMI Input
- Peaking
- Under Scan
- Aspect Ratio Guides
- Blue Gun
- Tint
- RGB adjustable
- Native 5D Live View Output
- Switchable 16:9 & 4:3 Aspect Ratios
- Signal Input: 480i/p 576i/p 720p 1080i/p


VL5 Deluxe Kit Includes:
- Choice of Canon, Panasonic or Sony DV Battery Adapter Plate
- Choice of Canon, Panasonic or Sony DV Battery & Charger
- 12v D/C Adapter
- Sun Visor
- Soft Case



Recoil XT Upgrade Kit

If you own our popular Recoil Camera Support System, like many of our users, you may need a more advanced solution capable of adding tools like a matte box or follow focus. For those users, ikan offers a convenient upgrade package utilizing the same Elements components used to build the exact Elements configuration featured with the Elements Recoil XT. Emulate modular configurations designed by ikan engineers or any combination of Elements components you can imagine to create the ultimate customized camera support rig.



  Click on the graphic below to watch video.


Recoil XT Upgrade Kit Includes:
- 2 x 15mm Rod - 12 inch (ELE-15R12)
- 1 x 15mm Rod - 4 Inch (ELE-15R4)
- 2 x Grip Bar/Foam (ELE-GB-F)
- 1 x 15mm Rod Adaptor (ELE-15RDA)
- 1 x 15mm Rod Mount (ELE-15RM)
- 1 x 15mm Right Angle Rod Adaptor (ELE-90-15rda)
- 1 x Cheese Plate (ELE-PT)
- 1 x Tripod Mount (ELE-TM)



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