The PT1200 is the new(est) version of the popular PT2500 Teleprompter. It features a custom designed 12-inch monitor that strikes the perfect balance between viewing distance and portability. The PT1200 is designed according to the standard 15mm rod system, making the entire setup more durable and lightweight. Best of all, you can assemble it in less than 60 seconds!
Government Expo 2015
Ikan will be attending the Government Video Expo 2015 on December 1-3, 2015. Government Video Expo is the East Coast's largest technology event designed for video, broadcast and AV professionals. Government Video Expo encourages attendees to get hands-on with the latest video gear in an exhibit hall featuring more than 175 suppliers, dealers, and distributors. If you shoot, edit, post, store, or distribute video, or use AV solutions, save the date for Government Video Expo.
The Helia Bi-Color LED light offers the flexibility of color temperatures ranging from 2700K to 5600K for any shooting situation. The 4-inch Fresnel lens can focus from 60-degree flood to 15-degree spot. With a high CRI and TLCI, the Helia gives shooters all the color they’re looking for and more. The large digital display allows you to move through the menus and tweak settings with ease. The flicker feature can be tuned to any frequency. The HF40 light can be powered with a pro battery and comes with a V-mount battery plate and DC cable. It also comes with barn doors and AC power cable.
The red star family of led Fresnels from Ikan is sure to make a great addition to any film set with their robust features and cutting edge technology. Designed for Tungsten shooting conditions these Fresnels are 3200 degrees and focusable from a 14 degree spot to a 50 degree flood angle. Need to run multiple lights? No Problem with Red Stars on-board DMX capabilities. Control and monitor both the DMX channel and brightness with an easy to read digital display. A quiet, active cooling system helps draw heat away from the unit so there is no worry of overheating.
Add motion to your video production with the 31-inch Carbon Fiber Slider from Ikan. Lightweight and portable, the SLD-31 weighs in at 1.5 pounds, has a max load capacity of 18 pounds, and supports DSLR, mirrorless or video cameras. Eight sealed bearings on aluminum rollers glide smoothly along the 19 mm carbon fiber rails and achieve stable, precise movements.
Amazing image quality in a small and affordable package — this is the Ikan DH5 Monitor. Featuring a super-sharp, full HD, IPS LCD panel. Its diminutive size makes it ideal for lightweight rigs and cameras. Plus, the DH5 is packed with the standard monitor software package as well as histogram and audio level meters.
UPRTek MK350N Plus
MK350 is a cost-effective LED Meter which provides CRI, CCT, LUX, λp, Spectrum, CIE x y, CQS, S/P, TLCI, Flicker major functions. The MK350N PLUS is a lightweight, portable, easy-to-operate spectrometer with Wi-Fi remote control operations and SD card data storage. This product has basic features for fast, easy lighting readings, as well as advanced light analytics, and efficient workflow features for lighting production environments.

Beyond MK350N, this App includes CQS, S/P, TLCI and CRI (R1-R15). User can also customize basic list with different measurement terms.
NiSi Filters
Ikan is proud to announce that we are the US distributor for NiSi Digital Cinema Filters. NiSi IR ND for Digital Cinema utilizes exclusive nano dual sided coating technology allowing for the best possible image when shooting raw digital cinema. We are carrying IR ND, IR Graduated ND’s and Polarizer’s from NiSi. Call us today for more information.

ikan Classroom - Video Tutorials NEW LESSONS!

Lesson 1: Composition Techniques for Widescreen Aspect Ratios
John Hess explains some basic tips on how to visualize your desired ratio and some helpful composition techniques.

Lesson 2: 5 Elements of a Great Chroma Key
Explore the 5 crucial elements of capturing a great chromakey for your production.

Lesson 3: Green Screen Lighting
How to properly light the talent(s) in a green screen background.

Lesson 4: How to light for a white background
How to properly light up a white background.