ELITE Prompter for iPad

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Script Manager
One convenient location to create, delete, import, and export your scripts.
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Adobe® Story
The official teleprompter application for Adobe® Story.

Import scripts directly from your Adobe® Story account.

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Rich Text Editor
Packed with a full rich text editor, edit and style the script exactly the way you and your talent want it to look.
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Precise speed control for a professional teleprompting experience.
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Video Output
Connect to a traditional through-the-glass or podium teleprompter kit.
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Bluetooth keyboard Control
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ikan News and Promotions
What is ELITE Prompter?

ELITE Prompter is a versatile and feature rich teleprompter application for the iPad. It is an intuitive application designed for industry professionals, students, and hobbyists. Use it as a stand-alone teleprompter or incorporate it with a wide range of teleprompter kits including podium and through-the-glass kits. ELITE Prompter is the ideal companion for producing news, films, commercials or for giving speeches and lectures.

Why choose ELITE Prompter?

ELITE Prompter was designed and developed by software and hardware engineers at ikan Corporation with collaboration from the Adobe® Story team. Having years of experience using and selling teleprompters, the ikan staff designed the ELITE Prompter app to meet the demanding needs of today's production environment.