30 03, 2012

Flyweight rig, c300 photos, and some life (Part 1)

March 30th, 2012|

It's been about two months (too long for a successful and effective blogger to remain inactive) but the delay has been worth the while, considering the changes in my life thus far. Working on a feature, running with multiple different cameras, building new rigs, crazy long nights without sleep, and generally pushing the limits. I feel like its been worth every minute of neglect, though what traffic occurs here I do apologize for the absence of voice. Could I have written on set of DOLL FACTORY, the horror/comedy feature I just AD'ed? Somewhere in those 70+ hour weeks for the [...]

4 11, 2011

What’s New? What Inspired it?

November 4th, 2011|

November is a funny time for many, as it marks the end of fall with the cooler weather rolling in with many of the first real snows. The impending winter means spending time indoors, seeking refuge from the cold and experiencing that slow-down and stillness to life, where leaving the bed is akin to blasphemy. For us in Houston, though, it’s really the first full month where we won’t see temperatures in the 90’s (finally). For ikan, it means we start looking forward to the spring releases for NAB. It’s a time for industry--scheduling production of new products and putting [...]

13 09, 2011

Cranes & Jibs with The Slanted Lens

September 13th, 2011|

Jay P. Morgan and the guys over at The Slanted Lens have put together another one of their informative series of videos.  In addition to their coverage of how to light things with simplicity and elegance, they discuss using camera cranes. I'm a big fan of having cranes around for several reasons. In fact, I own two of them personally and at each of production companies I've owned or worked for, it was usually one of the first pieces of support gear I had brought in. Even at the college where I teach--as soon as we got the [...]

8 04, 2011

Flagship VX7e & Multi-K XL at NAB, #ShortFilmContest

April 8th, 2011|

Our Press Release (via PDF) of the our Flagship On-Camera Monitor, the VX7e and newly-Flagship LED Light the Multi-K XL: press release 08apr11.vx7e_multi-k xl (changing formats temporarily, let us know what you think on twitter.com/ikancorp) Don't forget about the #SocialMediaSale next week--you might find a tasty deal waiting for you on Wednesday! Currently, we're selling E-Image EL-7063-AA tripods 40% off--check our facebook or twitter for the deal. Also, check out our latest sale, thanks to the guys here at ikan--iLED ONE 3=Piece kit for $299.99 One more thing: You remember our sales during NABShow, yes? Just for the record: in Falling [...]

29 03, 2011

What You Need To Know About the ID500

March 29th, 2011|

We've released a decent number of products in the last month, it's true. Yet more than ever, I've noted,  people are discussing our ID500 3 light kit on forum boards. Some things need to be set straight. Though our light looks tremendously like the onens on ebay: you'll be sorely mistaken when you open up the insides of this LED Light. Why? Ikan's ID500 has completely different innards and electronic components driving the system, making it more robust and durable. Also, these reasons. Don't be so easily fooled. There are a  number of review videos of ikan's ID500 (Gratis 7, System5 [...]

29 06, 2010

PBS/FRONTLINE uses Canon 7D rig with an ikan V5600

June 29th, 2010|

We found this story and had to share it here: Recently, a couple people have asked me about my (and these are not my words) ghetto fabulous or franken-camera Canon Eos 7D video system. In some ways, the DSLR system for me simply represents a better camera, not a fundamental shift in video storytelling. Over the years, I’ve changed cameras when technology changed and quality got better but my style has more-or-less remained constant...  For more of the story go to DSLRNewsShooter.com