10 04, 2012

New Products for NAB 2012 (part 2): D5, VH8

April 10th, 2012|

With most of the information available regarding the D7 covered in the post previous, this post is more dedicated to our other monitors coming out with some images to boot. However, I am going to sprinkle in some D7W photos because I can't stop looking at them! With regards to the D5, our newest and smallest all-digital monitor, much of the same specs and abilities found in the D7 are present, with a smaller form factor. Lightweight and still packed with features, the D5 is another example of ikan's desire to set a new standard with our flagship monitors at [...]

5 04, 2012

New Monitors for NAB 2012 (part 1): D7 & D7W

April 5th, 2012|

I had the chance to taste the digital-only panels we're going to demo at NAB this year and I think you'll like the results. Starting with the aptly named D7, it's a 7" IPS-based panel viewing in 1280x800 resolution (true 720p). Moving forward, the D series of monitors from ikan (the D5, D7, D7W and D9) will be our new flagship line as we phase out our VX series of HDMI & SDI monitors (though we will still support you). By placing this technology in our latest monitors, we hope to stay on the cutting edge of on-camera monitor options [...]

22 12, 2011

Camera & Studio LED Lux & Kelvin Tests

December 22nd, 2011|

For those of you who've been interested (or dogged us) for Kelvin rating and luminosity output for our Studio LED lights--the ID400, ID500, ID1000, Multi-K XL--and haven't been able to get the answers you need from our product videos, I've updated some detailed charts for you. We recently collated our in-house testing data for your education and disclosure (in case you thought we were hiding something ;) We also ran the gamut with our On-Camera LED lights, to make sure all bases are covered. I share this information with you for a few specific reasons. For any confusion about flourescent-to-LED [...]

22 11, 2011

Breaking Down Production Walls

November 22nd, 2011|

As we're knocking walls down in the office, ushering growth and other positive hoopla here at ikan, I came to realize that our product news has been pretty jumbled in the last couple weeks (between new video releases, products, newsletters, etc.) so I've decided to re-cap and serve you an ikan snack of the day. I've been doing some work on the blog, too. At the bottom right of the main page you'll find our videos are updating from vimeo now, as well as a more functional twitter feed and a likebox to show you who of your friends likes [...]

4 11, 2011

What’s New? What Inspired it?

November 4th, 2011|

November is a funny time for many, as it marks the end of fall with the cooler weather rolling in with many of the first real snows. The impending winter means spending time indoors, seeking refuge from the cold and experiencing that slow-down and stillness to life, where leaving the bed is akin to blasphemy. For us in Houston, though, it’s really the first full month where we won’t see temperatures in the 90’s (finally). For ikan, it means we start looking forward to the spring releases for NAB. It’s a time for industry--scheduling production of new products and putting [...]

16 05, 2011

Latest Products off the Assembly Line

May 16th, 2011|

We sent out our press release this last week but I wanted to make it publicly available to highlight the latest in our product lines. Note that Official Release of the VX7e was today (awesome) so if you've already placed your order with our sales team, you should be receiving your monitor within the coming week or so. If you'd like to purchase one, inquire >> sales@ikancorp.com. Below are further details. If you already have a VX7 and are considering upgrading, know that we've created a policy for cheap and easy upgrades to the newest version. http://www.ikancorp.com/blog/wp/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Press_Release_04272011.pdf Thanks to [...]