25 11, 2015

D12 Field Kit for V-Mount w/ Built-In Hard Case

November 25th, 2015|

The D12 features a beautiful full HD 1920 x 1080 IPS panel with great viewing angles and amazing color reproduction. The D12 feels at home on your edit suite or in the field with its included adjustable table stand with ¼-20 threaded holes for attachment to light stands. When It comes to I/O the D12 has you covered with its 3G-SDI and HDMI inputs and outputs. To find out more about this product, click here.

20 09, 2010

Who Dares Challenge Canon DSLRs?

September 20th, 2010|

Nikon, believe it or not! And some feel that it's about time. Nikon's new D7000 is getting a whole lot of attention as a challenge to Canon's monopoly of DSLRs. Nikon's shaking things up, so check it out and share your thoughts! Is Nikon making their way up the ladder of top HD film cameras or do they still have quite a bit to go? You tell us! If you're down for a cool, new Nikon film camera or if you're sticking to your beloved Canon, Ikan still has your back with all the most reliable and sensible camera rigs. [...]

1 09, 2010

Affordable 3D Shooting? Say what?!

September 1st, 2010|

Affordable 3D shooting? You read it right! Sure, it implies that any consumer can march on over to Canon, buy themselves two nifty XF105's or two XF100's and pair those bad boys up to capture HD 3D video... and it's so true. Inventor of stereoscopy 3D imaging in 1838, Sir Charles Wheatstone, would be oh, so very proud! And now, so are we at Ikan, because we just so happen to have a little somethin' we like to call the ELEMENTS Stereoscope Rig. Heard of it? Here's the deal, after you've scrounged through your couches for change to go buy [...]

27 01, 2010

The ikan V5600 Travels To The Colombian Dry Forest

January 27th, 2010|

Director/Producer/Cameraman Federico Pardo used the ikan V5600 Deluxe Kit during the production of the documentary COTTON-TOP.   In the following essay, Fredrico describes the challenges of shooting in the treacherous jungles of Colombia and how the ikan V5600 performs in the harshest of conditions. The film was shot in November of 2009 in the Tropical Dry Forests of Colombia were physically challenging and the overall ruggedness of the production required a lightweight and reliable external monitor. IKAN production tool for this natural history documentary shot on the new DSLR Canon 7D. As one of the pioneers on DSLR filmmaking I would highly recommend [...]

14 12, 2009

Christmas gifts for the Video Pro or Enthusiast

December 14th, 2009|

Shopping for someone who shoots video or stills either professionally or on the side, is a daunting task. Buying camera gear for someone is a bit like shopping for a teenage girl. The type of gift is as important as the name brand. Get the wrong thing or the wrong name and you can expect an instant request for a receipt. Most gift givers concede defeat almost immediately and go for a gift card from Best Buy or Walmart. However, if you want to do something more personal this year or impress that special someone with a gift that will [...]

10 12, 2009

Win an ikan V5600 for Christmas!

December 10th, 2009|

Santa says we have to give away gear if we want presents ourselves. Therefore, ikan is giving away a free V5600, 5.6 inch, HiDef monitor for Christmas. To qualify, you have to tell us how the ikan V5600 will make a difference in your life in 2010. Don't limit yourself to merely posting text -- make a video, use pictures but make sure you post them by 12/23/09 on our Facebook page  at  http://www.facebook.com/ikanseeit We'll announce the winners 12/25/09.  Again, no medium will be rejected; just be creative.  Please feel free to post any questions or comments. Merry Christmas from [...]