14 06, 2016

All About the Beholder Gimbal DS1

June 14th, 2016|

Do you have a Beholder Gimbal DS1? Are you wondering if the camera you’re about to buy will be compatible with your DS1? Well, we’ve just made it easier to figure out if certain camera and lens combinations will work with the DS1 gimbal. Here’s all you need to know about the DS1 including the compatibility chart, the DGH, and the kits available. Beholder Gimbal - DS1 For those not familiar with a DS1 or a Beholder Gimbal for DSLRs, it is a 3-axis handheld camera stabilizer that is designed specifically for DSLR and mirrorless cameras to capture smooth, stable [...]

12 05, 2011

The Future of DSLR Video

May 12th, 2011|

Just where does the DSLR fit in the next wave of image acquisition technology? When the DSLR first became a video tool, it was an exciting time that took most by surprise and forced an entire industry to reexamine where it was headed.  For a relatively long time (in terms of technology), video cameras in this price range had sported fixed lens, with only a select few 35mm adaptors to allow for the interchangeability of lenses.  With the addition of adaptors, 'flip' units and then the lenses themselves, camera rigs could oftentimes become unwieldy to the point of [...]

8 04, 2011

Flagship VX7e & Multi-K XL at NAB, #ShortFilmContest

April 8th, 2011|

Our Press Release (via PDF) of the our Flagship On-Camera Monitor, the VX7e and newly-Flagship LED Light the Multi-K XL: press release 08apr11.vx7e_multi-k xl (changing formats temporarily, let us know what you think on twitter.com/ikancorp) Don't forget about the #SocialMediaSale next week--you might find a tasty deal waiting for you on Wednesday! Currently, we're selling E-Image EL-7063-AA tripods 40% off--check our facebook or twitter for the deal. Also, check out our latest sale, thanks to the guys here at ikan--iLED ONE 3=Piece kit for $299.99 One more thing: You remember our sales during NABShow, yes? Just for the record: in Falling [...]

20 12, 2010

(Part 3/3) Rising From Ashes: A Feature Documentary

December 20th, 2010|

  The "Rising from Ashes" team's massive entourage of gear. (Part I, Part II) Part III of the series "RISING FROM ASHES: A FEATURE DOCUMENTARY" Last week on the ikan Blog, we began our interview with documentary filmmaker/Director, TC Johnstone, regarding his latest feature entitled: “Rising to Ashes”--a powerful, well-shot, beautiful, full-of-hope documentary which captures the struggle of Rwanda’s only competitive cycling team, as they grow from grassroots bicyclists to national heroes, determined to raise high and represent their culture for the world to share. Let's continue: IK: How did you develop (or find, even) a team of filmmakers [...]

13 12, 2010

(Part 2/3) Rising From Ashes: A Feature Documentary

December 13th, 2010|

This is Part II of III in our series "Rising from Ashes: A Feature Documentary." Read Part I HERE for a recap of last week. I've reposted the trailer of RISING FROM ASHES here for your convenience. Also included are some excellent photos TC has sent us from the shoot. It all began when TC Johnstone and his group, Gratis 7 Media, stopped in a few days  before their final visit to Rwanda. During that time, I had the chance to learn more about their collective effort and the project they were hungry to complete: "Rising From Ashes." Since, I've had the luck [...]

7 12, 2010

Rising From Ashes: A Feature Documentary Part 1/3

December 7th, 2010|

Documentaries are capable of bringing masses of people an intimate connection to some one person or event or place. They are an integral tool for us as filmmakers—they give voice to culture outside ourselves, as audience members, sharing this world. And they can be compelling. Gratis 7, as per their website, believe “out of our relationships…great ideas are developed and produced” and rightly so, with the inception of their newest film, “Rising from Ashes,” a story of Rwandan Cyclists fighting all odds to speak the voice of their country--and country’s own struggle to rebuild their image after years of genocide. [...]