23 01, 2013

It’s All About Chemistry

January 23rd, 2013|

Battery Chemistry is important. Beyond the increasing amount of data and studies saying which type of battery lasts for X dation and has y life-cycle, why should you check that your batteries and respective chargers are compatible? Why check that your charger is optimized for the battery? This may sound like an obvious point but without knowing the chemistry of your battery and how it works, you may reap undesired consequences. For example, the batteries ikan carries (both DV and professional battery packs) are Lithium-Ion based batteries. Incorrect charging or discharging of these batteries is a fire hazard and should [...]

21 03, 2011

iLED 120, Qwikswitch & AC1, AC2 bags Available Now

March 21st, 2011|

We will have videos of the products available in the coming week, keep an eye out for our facebook post! ikan Marketing Department // 3903 Stoney Brook Dr.Houston, TX 77063 Phone // 713.272.8822      Fax // 713.995.4994 New Product Announcement ikan Qwikswitch Forget having to purchase multiple battery chargers for your various styles of DV batteries. ikan has you covered with the QwikSwitch Interchangeable Battery Plate Charging System! The QwikSwitch includes one DV battery plate style of your choice (Sony L, Sony BP-U, Canon 900, Canon LP-E6+ or Panasonic D54 series) with the option to purchase ikan’s available interchangeable [...]

30 12, 2010

Gratis 7 reviews equipment in “RISING FROM ASHES”

December 30th, 2010|

Sometimes your product sells itself. Sometimes people like to help, go beyond the expected and act from grace. That's the way Gratis 7 Media group is. If you haven't heard of them, I highly recommend you go educate yourself. Their latest film, RISING FROM ASHES, documents the struggles of creating a Rwandan national cycling team and the life of the local peoples--in a place which many's freshest memories are of the genocide in 1994, between the Hutu and Tutsi ethnic groups. (For a refresher on the conflict , "Origins of Tutsi and Hutu" ...What's more, they even reviewed the ikan [...]

1 09, 2009

The V5600 Deluxe Kit – Now With More Battery Options

September 1st, 2009|

The V5600 5.6” HDMI monitor has been out only for several months and it has been a great success. The V5600 is not only popular with the HDMI video camcorders but also DLSR cameras like the 5D MARK II. During NAB back in April we received many comments about the power option only being available for Sony L series batteries. Well today I’m going to show you our answer to that with the new AC107 Universal Battery Plate. The AC107 replaces the AC106 and now we offer different models for different DV batteries.  We now support Sony L Series, Sony [...]