16 05, 2011

Latest Products off the Assembly Line

May 16th, 2011|

We sent out our press release this last week but I wanted to make it publicly available to highlight the latest in our product lines. Note that Official Release of the VX7e was today (awesome) so if you've already placed your order with our sales team, you should be receiving your monitor within the coming week or so. If you'd like to purchase one, inquire >> sales@ikancorp.com. Below are further details. If you already have a VX7 and are considering upgrading, know that we've created a policy for cheap and easy upgrades to the newest version. http://www.ikancorp.com/blog/wp/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Press_Release_04272011.pdf Thanks to [...]

21 03, 2011

iLED 120, Qwikswitch & AC1, AC2 bags Available Now

March 21st, 2011|

We will have videos of the products available in the coming week, keep an eye out for our facebook post! ikan Marketing Department // 3903 Stoney Brook Dr.Houston, TX 77063 Phone // 713.272.8822      Fax // 713.995.4994 New Product Announcement ikan Qwikswitch Forget having to purchase multiple battery chargers for your various styles of DV batteries. ikan has you covered with the QwikSwitch Interchangeable Battery Plate Charging System! The QwikSwitch includes one DV battery plate style of your choice (Sony L, Sony BP-U, Canon 900, Canon LP-E6+ or Panasonic D54 series) with the option to purchase ikan’s available interchangeable [...]

2 02, 2011

Press Release: iLED ONE, iLED 144, iLED 312

February 2nd, 2011|

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New Product Announcement: Just the One: Need to keep things simple? Then ikan’s iLED ONE is the on-camera LED light for you. This single, interchangeable bulb LED solution is small, lightweight and durable. Switchable daylight to tungsten bulbs and your choice of a flood or spot light configurations gives you absolute versatility and control. LED Made Simple ikan's iLED ONE comes complete with a tungsten 60 degree flood bulb, shoe mount, and an in-line power switch. Available accessores for the iLED ONE include the AC107 battery plate, BCA107 belt clip and 40 degree to 60 degree daylight [...]

30 12, 2010

Gratis 7 reviews equipment in “RISING FROM ASHES”

December 30th, 2010|

Sometimes your product sells itself. Sometimes people like to help, go beyond the expected and act from grace. That's the way Gratis 7 Media group is. If you haven't heard of them, I highly recommend you go educate yourself. Their latest film, RISING FROM ASHES, documents the struggles of creating a Rwandan national cycling team and the life of the local peoples--in a place which many's freshest memories are of the genocide in 1994, between the Hutu and Tutsi ethnic groups. (For a refresher on the conflict , "Origins of Tutsi and Hutu" ...What's more, they even reviewed the ikan [...]

8 12, 2010

Tip of the Week: The Sling as an Audio Bag

December 8th, 2010|

What? You say you didn't know ikan made a sling bag? What's that? You knew but didn't think you would find it useful? It's the IBG-SLING, otherwise known as the ikan Sling Bag (product page HERE). If you have one, you may know it's a pretty neat bag--tons of pockets, comfortable, lightweight and good form factor, water bottle pouch, enough real estate for your needed lenses...zippers...pen pockets...you get the idea. So what? SO, if you've only been using this bag to carry camera equipment, you're missing out--on the "Field Mixing Sound Sling." Being part of a small set or crew, [...]

12 07, 2010


July 12th, 2010|

Have you recently bought either the ikan Fly Pack I or Fly Pack II?  If so, please let us know!   Go to the ikan Facebook page and post pictures of how you're using the gear inside.  We'll pick the best pictures, and the winner will receive a free ikan Sling, a Lens Case and a Media card pouch FREE! Hurry!  Offer ends July 16!