NiSi Photo Filters offers a complete square filter system for all of today’s popular lenses. It’s perfect for photographers looking for a high quality, easy-to-use system to realize their creative vision. As the sole American distributor of NiSi filters, we are excited to deliver these high quality filters to photographers.

NiSi Photo FiltersNiSi Square Filter Systems are available in the 100mm size for most threaded wide angle lenses, the 150mm size for popular super-wide lenses including the Nikon 14-24mm F/2.8 or Tamron 15-30mm f/2.8, and the 180mm size for the new Canon 11-24mm f/4L or Sigma 12-24mm Art.

Of all the NiSi lines, the 100mm size has the largest range of ND options ranging in density from 2 stops all the way to 20 stops. It has the world’s only 20 stop ND filter, which will be available soon. The V5 holder system is unique because it has an integrated polarizer included, which normally would be sold separately. The included polarizer can be easily adjusted without having to move the filters, making it ideal for working out in the field. Instead of using specialized adapter rings, the filter holder uses simple step down rings. The filters are available in soft, hard, and reverse graduated neutral density.

The 150mm line was designed to fit super wide lenses that don’t have a filter thread and medium format cameras. Like the 100mm holders, they are all made of CNC machined aluminum, but the 150mm size doesn’t have an integrated CPL.

NiSi’s newest addition is the 180mm line built specifically for the Canon 11-24mm lens and the Sigma 12-24mm art lens. The 180mm line is a larger version of the 150mm and shares many of the same design qualities.

“NiSi’s innovative designs and dedication to optical perfection make them the new standard for photographic filters,” says Macon Leiper, Product Manager.

All NiSi square filters are made of high definition optical glass and feature double-sided waterproof nano coating, an IR protection coating, ultra low color cast, and a low reflective index.

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