With so many undesirable wavelengths of light that pollute the night sky such as mercury vapor, sodium, and low CRI LED streetlights, it can be hard to capture a good image at night. The glow from any of these wavelengths or sources of light can prevent your camera from capturing the sky properly, which can ruin your night images. To fix this problem, NiSi has created the Natural Night Filter (NIP-100-NGT) which is designed specifically to block the most common wavelengths of light pollution.

NiSi Natural Night FilterThe Natural Night Filter by NiSi is a 2mm H-K9L high definition optical glass filter that has double-sided anti-glare coating. Its surface is finely ground and polished to ensure sharpness for today’s ultra high megapixel cameras. Built with NiSi’s unique nano coating technology, the NiSi Natural Night Filter has a multi-layer coating that reduces reflection on the filter’s surface to alleviate ghosting and flare. All filters have a protective layer that makes it easy to wipe off water, dust, and oil from the filter without worrying about scratching the glass. The nano coating process achieves this without a color shift or loss in sharpness.

The filter can be mounted on the NiSi V5 100mm Filter Holder with adapter rings and an integrated CPL (NIP-V5-100). With a strong line of high quality photography and cinema filters, the Natural Night Filter is a great addition to the NiSi filter line. Night photographers or anyone that wants to take great night photos will want to add this filter to their camera gear.

“This filter is a game changer for photographers and videographers who shoot at night. Being able to eliminate the yellow haze of streetlights while maintaining the rest of my colors gives me so much more room to work in post. I am able to pull colors out of night scenes that I never was before,” says Macon Leiper, Photographer and NiSi Product Manager.

For more information about the NiSi Natural Night filter, please see ikancorp.com.

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