Regretfully, this is the first post I’ve made since NAB 2012. With all of the awesome things seen, heard about, reviewed, interviewed, blogged, shot, tweeted–especially from the Breakfast Bloggers–I’ve wanted to sit and read and digest all the tasty goodies that NAB brought this year.

Instead, it’s been precedent to bring the products seen at NAB to enduser’s hands, including the Flyweight series ELEMENTS rigs (seen here on with Michael Artsis during NABShow), the D Series IPS-panel SDI monitors and, particularly for the sake of this post: our LED China Ball (aka the LED Balloon). After a few failed revisions of this, ikan’s finally making headway in soft LED lighting china-ball style. If you saw the prototype in Vegas at NAB, you may have felt as we did–disappointed in its lack of light output.

Today, we tested the latest version of the LED Balloon–I’m proud to say that the results make me quite stoked to shoot with it. And it’s going to get even better when we’re done prototyping.

Here are some goodies for your curious mind. Note: the fill and the suprisingly white, radial light casts soft shadow edges with dramatic drop-offs on myself and my colleagues. I can’t wait to better test this LED on an interrogation scene I’ve been formulating the last couple days to better learn the C300.

These photos (except one) were shot on a Pentax K7 with a Sigma 30mm 1.4 at 200 ISO. No color correction has been made. Some are at 1/3 output, some at 1/2, and some at full strength. If you’d like to analyze the RAW yourself, email me at ryan at ikancorp dot com and I’ll send them your way.


PS–Easter Egg of the day: which of the above ikan employees were at NAB? Comment below–the first person to mention ALL employees correctly wins an iLED 120.