With most of the information available regarding the D7 covered in the post previous, this post is more dedicated to our other monitors coming out with some images to boot. However, I am going to sprinkle in some D7W photos because I can’t stop looking at them!

With regards to the D5, our newest and smallest all-digital monitor, much of the same specs and abilities found in the D7 are present, with a smaller form factor. Lightweight and still packed with features, the D5 is another example of ikan’s desire to set a new standard with our flagship monitors at competitive prices.

Below are  a few shots of the D5 and VH8. Application photos coming in the near future. For a closer look, be sure to stop by our booth at #c10637 at #NAB2012.

VH8 Specifications are still being finalized, but this is what to expect in this super slim wide-panel:

  • high brightness 1600 x 768 LCD panel
Pixel Data Analysis (IRE the color charts)
  • HDMI input and output without signal loss
  • 1 composite input
stereo headphones
  • 4-capacitive sensing “F” button
  • False Color – Adjustable Under Luminance & Over Luminance Warning (only HDMI)
  • Clip Guide – Adjustable Threshold (similar to the zebra crossing function) (only HDMI)
  • Peaking – (red outline)
DSLR Scaling (only HDMI)
Movable Pixel to Pixel
  • Guides (4: 3 & 16:9 Framing Safe Area)
  • Check Field (blue, red, green, mono)
  • H / V-line field delay
  • aspect ratio (16:9 / 4:3)
  • 2 1/4 “-20 mounting holes
  • Adjustable 
  • Tint
480 i/p; 576 i/p; 720 p 50hz, 60hz; 1080 i/p 24hz, 25hz, 30hz, 50hz, 60hz, 24hzsf, 25hzsf


Get the idea yet? For $499 that’s a pretty big steal. If you think you’re going to get ripped off taking advantage of some NAB special purchasing this, I promise you–there are not only worse deals, but the customer service you’ll receive for any concern is top-notch and still getting better. Did I mention that there will be a Vk5 for an even lower price ($399).


Oh, and some more D7W images, highlighting the plush features. Couldn’t help it. Want to spoil you.


d7w 4 panel view

d7w rgb parade

d7w vectorscope

d7w waveform

d7w showing all features with live view


Let me know your comments and thoughts. Cheers! More updates on new products to come before NAB 2012.