Cheers from the NAB show floor!

I wanted to kick this post of with a bang, so here we go. USB & LANC Remote grips are in prototype phase and a blast to work with. They’re compatible with all 1/4″ mounting methods. These videos have no real audio as I was rushed to produce them (meaning they’re innately flawed but have some notable substance)!

As the title of this post suggests, you’ll be able to demo these products at our booth at #nab2012.

USB Remote Grips for Canon DSLRs:

LANC Remote Grip for Sony and Canon video cameras:


Now to more goodies. ikan will also be bringing more new support parts and pieces for display and play in our booth. Our software dept. is also demoing new products. Come by our booth to try the items for yourself.

ELITE Remote for ELITE Prompter:


Our software dept.’s latest addition


More on the following items in tomorrow’s post (hey, it could happen):


dragonfly prototype

the wallfly with articulating handles

articulating grip on wallfly


2in1 backpack prototype