25 05, 2012

USB Remote Grip revision 2

May 25th, 2012|

A couple of months ago, as we were prepping for NAB 2012, we started pushing forward a concept for a USB Remote, able to work on DSLR's (currently supports Canon only, looking to expand compatibility). With about two weeks to spare, we got our first prototype of the product. Here's the rough video I made demonstrating the features of the remote: When I said rough, I wasn't joking. However, proof of concept was established and it fit the bill for my purposes. The prototype  been featured on larger sites (read: ones that are maintained), such as Cinescopophilia and Dan [...]

18 05, 2012

Pictures from a Zeppelin

May 18th, 2012|

Regretfully, this is the first post I've made since NAB 2012. With all of the awesome things seen, heard about, reviewed, interviewed, blogged, shot, tweeted--especially from the Breakfast Bloggers--I've wanted to sit and read and digest all the tasty goodies that NAB brought this year. Instead, it's been precedent to bring the products seen at NAB to enduser's hands, including the Flyweight series ELEMENTS rigs (seen here on Teradek.tv with Michael Artsis during NABShow), the D Series IPS-panel SDI monitors and, particularly for the sake of this post: our LED China Ball (aka the LED Balloon). After a few failed [...]