We say its “designed with you in mind” and we really mean it. We plan to revise our super popular id500 for next NAB, but to do so we have to start planning now. It takes us a while to build prototypes and test with them and get the production line going on items¬† in order to have them ready for NAB. We’ve actually been working for the next round of new products since last NAB starting the week we came home.¬† We already have an impressive list of some features and chages from current users and tons 0′ feedback from our worldwide dealer channel, but we want to reach more and get more feedback from other parties we don’t always get to hear from. For our first attempt at this democratic style of input we decided to start with one of our go to everyman products and ask every man what they want. So tells us what you want (or don’t) want on the next version. At this stage anything goes, so tell us what you want!

The ikan id500 is a battery powered, remote controled field light