One satisfied customer got to experience the famous ikan customer service!

Sometimes, you just need to get the most out of your shoulder rig!  In the case of one lucky ikan client who lives near the home office, he got a brief workup that ended up by ikan’s Daniel Contreras, which provided dual FG Follow Focus Cine Kits on a Recoil XT base, giving him complete control over focus and zoom without his hands ever needing to leave the handles!

A single 24-inch iris rod across the front provides added stability for your handles, while the handles themselves provide a conduit for the focus whips to go through.  This allows the focus whip knobs to rest just below the end of the handle, providing the ability to operate both focus and zoom easily without ever needing to let go of the handles.

A VL7 provides the perfect finishing touch for a brand-new ikan rig!

Using the Recoil XT as the base, ikan sales rep Daniel Contreras then added a variety of Elements parts to build out the front section.  Included were additional 15mm Rod Adaptors to allow for the necessary clearance so that the focus whips could go down through the center of the grip handles.

To top off the rig, Daniel added the brand-new VL7 HDMI Monitor with a Sony battery plate attached via the included shoe mount, which allows the operator to take full control of the precision focus/zoom controls.

Now, to some, the rig might seem a bit excessive, but there are benefits to this kind of a set-up and even a shooting situation or two where I could see it being of benefit.

But, as always, we’d love to hear feedback from you… does this seem practical?  Does it seem like something that could be of use?  Or does it seem a bit unwieldy?

Or better yet, how would YOU improve on the design?  ikan is famous for taking customer feedback and incorporating it into the design of the next generation of products.  Do you have a revision or suggestion that could make the cut for the Elements line?  Let’s hear it!

The offset grip handles allowed for the focus whip to thread neatly down the middle of each handle.