We’ve released a decent number of products in the last month, it’s true.

Yet more than ever, I’ve noted,  people are discussing our ID500 3 light kit on forum boards. Some things need to be set straight. Though our light looks tremendously like the onens on ebay:

you’ll be sorely mistaken when you open up the insides of this LED Light. Why? Ikan’s ID500 has completely different innards and electronic components driving the system, making it more robust and durable. Also, these reasons. Don’t be so easily fooled. There are a  number of review videos of ikan’s ID500 (Gratis 7, System5 of Japan, Monogram Travel, CineDigital.TVthey Creative) for good reason! I’ve used the light in various shoots, as well, and they don’t disappoint.  One more perk: that extra few bucks also ensures that you get excellent customer care and service. If any part of the light malfunctions or you have concerns and need to speak with a person, call or email us and we’ll be there to help.

Aside, have you had a chance to check out the iLED 312? Did you see me in it? Jared Abrams did a QuickTake of it HERE. The light has done pretty well in our tests so far and we look forward to it having a successful run. Last week’s post included the iLED 120 — also a wonderful on-camera light to work and play with. We will have both product reviews and our own promo video uploaded to Vimeo soon–so stay current!

While you’re at it, get in on our Social Media Sale. Every Wednesday, about midday, we release a new sale on b-stock or overstocked items in our facility  on facebook and twitter. The current product (ending tomorrow) is the LANC controlled ikan Director.

For $249.99, it’s a pretty sweet price. So you’re informed, these units are considered b-stock, checked & tested, and in excellent condition. ikan’s Director can pull focus, has variable speed zoom and recording abilities. It will work on Sony and Canon cameras.

There are also rumors that the RECOIL XT might go on the Social Media Sale in April…we’ll see. If you want a different perspective on the product, check out our “Tip of the Week” segment (those will be returning soon, as well). Look familiar?

Now, if you were able to read that much, here’s your treat, for I will only mention this here:

These are the awesome sales you’ll find during NAB:

  • FG Follow Focus Cine Kit (ELE-FGK) for $399 (a steal considering the build quality, if you don’t believe me check it out yourself:  Link 1, link 2, link 3)
  • V5600 Monitor for $499 (the cheapest yet!)
  • 15% off our Superfly / 18″ Gunstock Combo (ideal for new filmmakers looking for run-n-gun feel while staying modular and compact).

As always, live updates and news are always available through our twitter and Facebook.