Hey guys, welcome back to another edition of ikan’s series “Tip of the Week.”

This week we’ll cover an up-and-coming mount for your RECOIL (or preferred shoulder mount) that will give you rig wiiings rails and a quickmount to better serve your needs.  Most of the time, with what adapters and rigs and shoulder mounts available on the market, we really just need a few solid functions:

  1. Quick mounting for tripod use
  2. A camera mount
  3. Rails for accessorizing (a follow focus, grips, batteries, etc)

Which boils down to…what? A multi-functional essentials rig for use in varied applications, such as tripod and shoulder mount use, which then can be modified and re-designed on the fly.

NOTE: some of you may have already seen a leaked version on various forum boards, but I’d like to officially post it HERE.

For this rig flavor, you will need:

  • Ikan RECOIL (or preferred shoulder rig of your choice)
  • ELE-TM Tripod mount
  • ELE-15r12 (2 x 12” 15mm industry standard rails)
  • 2 x ELE-15RM Rail mounts
  • 1 x ELE-PT
  • F3 Follow Focus
  • 1 x ELE-15RDA Rod adapter
  • 1 x ELE-GB-F Grip Bar

All other products listed, without links, can be found here at the ikancorp Elements page

More Photos: