Replacing the iLED 100, Ikan has introduced the iLED 150, a lightweight, versatile and affordable lighting accessory. Featuring a ¼-20 threaded mount, the luminaire can be mounted to most cameras’ shoe adaptors or to most types of camera-accessory brackets. The included gels easily slip into the attached gel frame, allowing users to quickly change color temperatures and further customize the light’s output.

The iLED uses 144 LED lights to create a powerful, even and energy-efficient lighting solution, and the iLED 150 boasts brighter diodes with more accurate color temperature (6300°K) than its predecessor, the iLED 100. Additionally, the fixture features a built-in dimmer knob, and it includes support for the popular “L” series battery packs. Other features include a gradual power-up of the LEDs, making the fixture less harsh on the subject’s eyes, and ventilation slots for cooler lighting.

The iLED 150 measures 6″x 3.25″x1.375″ and weighs only .85 pounds with a battery (.45 pounds without). The fixture operates from 12-24 volts and boasts a low power consumption of less than 10 watts with a brightness of 60 Lux.

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American Cinematographer Magazine New Products: Ikan Illuminates iLED 150

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